The AT&T logo.

In its crusade to be the first carrier with 5G service, AT&T has controversially been pushing its so-called 5G E network. While we and other cellular carriers have debunked the fake icon, AT&T has moved forward with placing the logo on as many ads and smartphones as it can. But strangely enough, 5G E isn’t anywhere in sight on AT&T’s 5G fact sheet.

The AT&T fact sheet is broken into five sections: AT&T 5G in parts of 21 cities, AT&T 5G firsts, AT&T 5G device roadmap, AT&T trials and tests, and AT&T 5G experiences. Each of these bullet points provides brief examples of what the carrier has done, what it is currently working on, and its plans to build out an actual 5G network.

Huawei HQ 5G logo
What does the 5G E icon on my AT&T phone mean?

But as The Verge notes, AT&T didn’t include its notorious 5G E network on this fact sheet. If the carrier believes that 5G E is a real and a legitimate network, why wouldn’t it at least be included in its 5G fact sheet?

In our opinion, 5G E has always been nothing but a marketing stunt. Sprint is taking AT&T to court claiming that the company is using false advertising. As AT&T didn’t include 5G E in its fact sheet and product road map, it wouldn’t much of a surprise if the carrier quickly loses the legal suit. 

You can read AT&T’s 5G fact sheet in its entirety by clicking the button below.