What is Astronest?

Astronest is a hybrid SIM and strategy game that takes place in outer space. You have to upgrade and level up your ships and planet in order to build a massive empire. It’s free to play with optional in app purchases.

Here’s how the game works. You have control over a fleet, a planet, and a bunch of resources. You upgrade everything, collect more resources, and go on campaign missions. The game has two different story lines depending on which path you take. Each path gives you different bonuses. There is very little actual game play as you’ll spend the majority of your time managing your planet and your fleet. Battles take place automatically using good old fashioned dice-roll style mechanics.

Unlike most strategy games, there is actually a very linear path you’re supposed to take because the game is driven by story. That means everything you do has a point. There is an online multiplayer mode where you attack people (and they attack you). It’s not very balanced but at least it’s something. During the review experience, there wasn’t that vibe that this is a pay to win game but there are the classic bottlenecks that people dislike such as an energy meter that you must wait to refill.

astronest screenshot

It has a lot of potential.


The transitions, images, and graphics are pretty decent except for the fight scenes which look much less polished than the rest of the game.
Online multiplayer is always a plus, even if it's not perfect.
There is a lot of content, including two story lines and a promised expansion later on. This includes over 100 unlockable items and the multiplayer.
Free to play with in app purchases so you can at least get into the game before deciding whether or not to spend money on it.


The tutorial is way too long.
The multiplayer has been consistently reported to be unbalanced. This may get fixed in future updates or when there are more players.
It has some questionable permissions. Make sure to read them before installing.

Bottom Line

Overall, the game is passable. The graphics are nice and strategy aficionados should enjoy the mammoth amount of management. There are some classic in-app purchase pitfalls but if you’re patient, you can avoid them. The online multiplayer is a plus but not much of one and this game could’ve seriously used achievements. Thankfully it is free to download so you can try it out for yourself if you’re interested.

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