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What is Appdicted?

Appdicted is a productivity application that looks at how often you use each of your apps and for how long. There isn’t any real use for it other than having data about yourself but it can be fun to see where you spend all of your time. It’s currently free in the Play Store.

Here’s how it works. It uses the device and app history permission to keep an eye on you and what you do on your smartphone. This sounds like a breach of privacy but the app doesn’t have an internet permission so it can’t transmit any data about what you use anywhere. It accumulates information such as which apps you use, how long you use them, how often you check your phone, and other usage stats. It then gives you a read out of which apps you use the most, how long you use them, and how many times you’ve used them.

Like I said earlier, there isn’t really a point to this app. If it does help with productivity, it’s only because you are embarrassed about how much time you spend on your phone. It’s also kind of fun to see where you spend all of your time. The interface is easy to use and uses a Holo-style interface so no one should be getting lost in this app.

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Which apps do you use the most?


Keeps track of your usage statistics so you can see which apps you use and when. And for how long.
Clean, Holo-based interface is easy to use and doesn't look terrible.
Totally free with no in app purchases.
No internet permission so whatever data this app collects is safe from prying eyes.


Not really useful for anything other than gathering info about yourself.
There are other apps that can do this so it's not a revolutionary idea.

Bottom Line

Overall, it’s a fun little app to try. We doubt it’ll become a mainstay in your app drawer but those curious about their usage statistics will probably enjoy it. It is a newer app so there are probably bugs here and there. Thankfully, it’s free so it won’t cost you anything to try it out.

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