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Arcane season 2: Release window, plot, and other rumors

Expect more action, stunning animation, and emotional storytelling as the series reaches its thrilling conclusion.

Published onJune 13, 2024

Word on the street is — Arcane is coming back for another season, and that this will be the last. Is this true?

Read on to know what the Arcane season 2 release window is, who’s coming back, and what you can expect from the brand-new season.

Arcane season 2 release window

Arcane Season 2 is set to debut on Netflix in November 2024. We don’t have a date yet, but we’ll update this post as soon as we do. The release month was officially announced by Netflix in November 2023. It’s been a long wait since the first season debuted in 2021.

Arcane season 2 cast

These are the main voice actors for Arcane season two:

  • Vi voiced by Hailee Steinfeld
  • Jinx voiced by Ella Purnell
  • Caitlyn voiced by Katie Leung
  • Ekko voiced by Reed Shannon
  • Sevika voiced by Amirah Vann
  • Heimerdinger voiced by Mick Wingert
  • Ambessa voiced by Ellen Thomas
  • Singed voiced by Brett Tucker

Arcane season 2 trailer

Here’s an action-packed official trailer for Arcane season 2. Is that monster-like creature….Warwick?

What to expect from Arcane season 2

At the end of season 1, things did not look good for Piltover and Zaun. A peace treaty was proposed, and a council meeting was held in Piltover. However, not everyone was happy with the idea of a truce.

Jinx, still reeling from her past trauma and feeling betrayed by Vi, decided to take matters into her own hands. The season ended with Jinx firing a rocket directly at the building, seemingly killing several council members and shattering any hope of peace between the two cities.

Meanwhile, Vi and Caitlyn, who had been trying to stop Jinx and uncover the corruption within the Piltover police force, watched helplessly as the rocket struck the council chamber. The final shot of the season showed Vi’s horrified expression as she witnessed her sister’s actions.

In the aftermath of the attack, it became clear that Jinx’s actions would have far-reaching consequences. The delicate balance between Piltover and Zaun was shattered, setting the stage for a full-scale war between the two cities in season 2.

So now, Vi and Caitlyn, who had been working to stop Jinx and investigating the unrest in Zaun, will now face an even greater challenge. They will have to deal with the fallout from Jinx’s attack and also figure out how to stop the dangerous drug shimmer in Zaun from spreading.

Meanwhile, sinister scientist Singed is experimenting on the corpse of Vander, who was a father figure to Vi and Jinx. Vander might be transforming into the monstrous werewolf Warwick, a Champion from League of Legends, adding another deadly threat to the mix.

Co-creator Christian Linke shed some light on what to expect, saying, “The second season will be the last act of Arcane. Since the beginning, we planned for the show to have a three-act structure with the first season covering the first two acts. In season 2, we’re going to conclude our story with the third and final act.”

He hinted at what was to come, “Everything is going to get much worse before it gets better for our characters. In season 2, we’re putting them through the wringer. The introduction of Warwick is going to create a lot of new complications and dangers for Vi and Jinx.”

While season 2 will bring Arcane to a close, Linke emphasized that there are more stories to tell in the world of League of Legends. “We’ve been working closely with Riot Games and Fortiche to lay the groundwork for more stories after Arcane. We see Arcane as the foundation, and we’re excited to keep exploring the world of Runeterra in future projects.”

Where to watch Arcane season 2

Arcane season two will stream on Netflix when it releases. Season 1 is available to stream on the platform now. We also publish a list of brand-new streaming shows you can binge on, while you wait for Arcane season 2 to release.


Yes. Arcane is based on the online battle arena video game League of Legends.

Arcane season 1 comprised many Champions drawn from League of Legends with notable names being Vi, Jinx, Jayce, Caitlyn, Ekko, Heimerdinger, Singe, and Viktor. Others like Warwick seem to be appearing in season 2.

Yes. Arcane was always supposed to be a two-season tale. Season 2 is going to conclude the story of Arcane. Fortiche has more projects in mind for the game universe apart from this limited series by Riot Games.

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