According to a trusted source of XDA Developers, the upcoming LG V30 won’t have what’s become an iconic feature of the series: a secondary ticker.

With the introduction of the LG V10, the company took a similar approach that Samsung had taken a few years prior and benefited from: introducing a bigger phablet during the second half of the year with a focus on innovative technology and creative audience. While Samsung did so by offering the famous S-Pen, targeting artists and businesspeople, LG decided to add a secondary ticker and advanced camera and audio capabilities. The former, in particular, became a sort of an iconic feature of the V line-up, re-appearing on the V20 last year.

Well, if you’ve been a big fan of that secondary display, this might disappoint you: according to yet another report, LG could forego of that mini ticker this year with the V30. We first heard a similar rumor back in 2016 when Evan Blass claimed the V30 would not have a secondary ticker. He later clarified that the upcoming phablet wouldn’t retain a ticker but might still feature a (potentially larger) secondary display. It’s probably safe to assume that he was referring to the early concept images of the V30 that  he subsequently published.

This time, however, the report comes from XDA Developers, citing a “trusted source” for this unfortunate news. Although the publication doesn’t explain why LG supposedly made such a decision or specify whether it’s the ticker or the secondary display in general that the V30 would be lacking, it reiterates that the V30 will be the company’s first flagship to feature an OLED screen – as reported many times before. In addition, the phablet will reportedly come with Snapdragon 835, 4GB of RAM, and a microSD slot. No surprise there.

Of course, we will have to wait to find out whether the V30 will indeed be the first V-series smartphone to lack a secondary ticker, but as XDA Developers points out, there are few reasons why LG might make this move, and it’s got to do with the new 18:9 aspect ratio. With the new ratio – “Fullvision Display” as LG likes to call it – not only will the secondary ticker become unnecessary in terms of functionality, but it’ll quite simply make the device too long.

Perhaps the V30 will start to look a bit too similar to its G-series sibling, not unlike how the S-series and the Note line-up have been converging as of late.

Mind you, this report might just be echoing Evan Blass’ claim earlier last year: the V30 might ditch the ticker but could come with a secondary display elsewhere like what we saw in the leaked renders of LG’s Project Joan. That kind of bold move might finally compel me to buy an LG device, to be honest. Or alternatively, perhaps the V30 will start to look a bit too similar to its G-series sibling, not unlike how the S-series and the Note line-up have been converging as of late.

What do you think LG will do with the V30? Would you be sad to see the secondary ticker go? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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