Developer Rovio has just announced Angry Birds Dream Blast, the 18th entry in the Angry Birds game series.

Dream Blast doesn’t feature the castle-destroying gameplay mechanic of the original Angry Birds. Instead, your job in Dream Blast is to match bubbles with the same color. Think of the game like a cuter version of Bejeweled with a proper physics engine.

Spicing things up are Dream Blast’s boosters and hundreds of levels. Each booster has a special ability that, when tapped, leads to more bubble-blasting. You can use multiple boosters at the same time in each level, though you must meet certain criteria to create these boosters.

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For the most part, Rovio positions Dream Blast as a relaxing puzzle game. For those that want a challenge, the game will feature limited-time Dream Events. These events present various in-game challenges, which let you earn spots on the global leaderboard and better rewards once completed.

Rovio will add Dream Events “periodically,” and will also add new levels each Friday to keep things fresh.

Angry Birds Dream Blast is now available for free on the Google Play Store. Parents, be warned — the game features in-app purchases that go up to $99.99 for things like premium currency and special items.