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Angry Birds 2 introduces "clans" in big birthday update

To celebrate the second birthday of Angry Birds 2, Rovio has rolled out "clans," allowing players team up with friends and strangers to complete challenges.
August 4, 2017

The Angry Birds franchise is massive. Rovio’s smash hit has already given birth to an ungodly amount of spin-offs across a number of media formats, including a full-feature film, with a second one on the way. However, the most popular entry in the Angry Birds universe currently is its flagship game, Angry Birds 2, which is now celebrating its second birthday.

In order to mark the occasion, Rovio has introduced a new feature to Angry Birds 2 — player clans. This means that you can now team up with friends, complete strangers, or both in order to achieve a common goal. Clan members will also be able to chat with each other in-game, adding a social aspect to clans.

Clans will be given various challenges to complete, with the current one awarding points to the whole clan when individual members complete levels. Rovio has yet to reveal what other challenges will be introduced, but it’s likely that some of them will be about squashing a specific number of pigs or destroying a certain amount of objects.

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If you have yet to pick up Angry Birds 2, check it out over at Google Play. It’s free, and, clans or not, it’s a fun way to kill some time.