Can you believe that it has been almost five years since Rovio Entertainment first launched Angry Birds on Android? Now a successor, the simply named Angry Birds 2, has arrived for Android. I suppose Rovio doesn’t count all of those themed spin-off games as true sequels.

The title sticks to the tried and tested formula of flinging fowl at those rather sickly looking swine. Angry Birds 2 also brings additional spells, multi-stage levels, challenges, and new bosses to try and mix up the familiar setting.

The business model still relies on in-app purchases and advertisements to make up for the lack of an upfront cost, with in-app purchases ranging from £0.79 to £79.99 per item. Although this will all be familiar to players of previous entries in the series.

Time will tell if Rovio can repeat its early success with its Angry Birds 2 sequel. Are there any takers out there, or have you already had your fill of Angry Birds?

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