One of the niftier features that debuted on Android Oreo is colored media notifications, which take the color of the album art or video that you’re listening to. Android Q Beta 2 takes those notifications to the next level by including a progress bar in media notifications.

Not only can you now expand media notifications, but you now get a progress bar for whatever is currently playing. The progress bar shows how long the media is, along with how far along you are in the song or video.

Android Q Beta 2 media progress bar

The good news is that the progress bar with apps like Spotify, YouTube, and YouTube Music. Any app that supports the current Android media notification format should have a progress bar in Android Q Beta 2.

Even better, the progress bar also works as a scrubber — we could move our place in a song in YouTube Music, for example. We’re still testing the feature out to see if the scrubber works in other apps with media notifications, but the ability to scrub through a song or video is a nice addition.

We’re also still delving deeper into Android Q Beta 2, so let us know in the comments which new features you’ve encountered so far.

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