What if Android users got to say what Android N will be called? Sundar Pichai casually floated the idea during a Q&A session yesterday at India’s Delhi University.

Pichai is in India this week to present Google’s initiatives for the country, a crucial market that Google sees as a testbed for its projects and an engine of its future growth. Among other things, Google’s CEO announced plans to equip India’s biggest rail stations with WiFi, a connected bike initiative, further support for users on slow 2G connections, and a major expansion of the Google campus in Hyderabad.

Getting back to the Q&A, one of the questions that Indian students had for Sundar Pichai was when is there going to be an Android version named after an Indian dessert. Cheers erupted from the audience, and Pichai jokingly said he would ask his mom for suggestions and that he would consider the idea of having an online poll that would let people vote the name of Android N.

If enough Indians voted, said the Google boss, perhaps “[they] could make it happen.”

Maybe Pichai just wanted an easy way out of the question. But there’s no reason why Google couldn’t let Android fans vote for the Android N. It would be a great way to spread the word about the new version and to make fans feel like they’re part of something bigger.

After all, Android is more than just a platform or an ecosystem. It’s a huge, vibrant community with millions of dedicated fans that would love nothing more than to have a say in naming their favorite OS.

So, just for fun, what is going to be? Android Nankathai or another Indian favorite? Or something more international? Nougat? Nutella?