Android Messages is Google’s go-to SMS app (for now). It’s the app that Google is slowly but surely bringing RCS features to, and the one that Huawei will pre-load on its phones going forward.

Today, Google is adding a super-convenient feature to Android Messages— Smart Reply.

Smart Reply debuted on Google Inbox back in 2015, and has since made its way to Gmail and Google Allo. Now the feature is rolling out to Android Messages users, but only those who are using Project Fi.

How does Smart Reply work, exactly? When you receive a new message, Google will analyze it and come up with multiple reply suggestions it thinks you’d like to send. For instance, if your friend asks if you’d like to get pizza tonight, Smart Reply might suggest you respond with a pizza emoji, or with the response “What kind?” It works quite well most of the time, but other times the responses can be quite funny.

As noted in the tweet above, Project Fi says that the feature should roll out to Project Fi users today. As for everyone else, Smart Reply will be added to Messages with a future software update.