android m previews update

Google is looking to instill some predictability into its Android calendar, and that includes a switch to yearly releases, but also more regular updates for developer previews.

For the Android M preview release, Google plans to release monthly updates based on the feedback it receives from developers. That means things could change a lot between now and the final release expected this fall, and hopefully that will lead to a more stable and polished operating system.

Google’s Chet Haase confirmed the regular updates during his “What’s new in Android” session yesterday. According to Haase, the goal is to release the next update for Android M developer preview at the end of June, followed by new updates every month until the full launch in Q3.

This new approach contrasts to what happened last year with Lollipop, when there were very few changes between the late June release of Android L preview and the November launch of Lollipop.

For a look at what Android M brings to the table, check out our video impressions and the new features roundup. Stay tuned for more Google I/O news throughout the day!

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