Android Excellence awards April 2018

Google has revealed the new list of apps and games featured in its Android Excellence program. The Excellence collections feature games and apps that showcase a high level of quality in performance and design. The list is refreshed every three months.

Among this quarter’s highlights is Seven – 7 Minute Workout Training Challenge which, as the name suggests, delivers short workout routines for users to undertake daily. It helps users stay active while at home when they don’t have time for long sessions at the gym (I’m a fan of similar workout app 7 Minutes Workout).

Editor's Pick

Photo-editing app Adobe Lightroom CC was included — an app that features advanced editing tools and presets to help users of all abilities capture, edit, and share photos. Meanwhile, popular password manager app Dashlane and free code learning app SoloLearn also made an appearance.

As for games, Angry Birds 2 received a nod (though that one doesn’t need much help getting its name out there) along with some lesser known titles such as the cartoony real-time strategy title Orbital 1, cutesy arcade shoot-em-up Soul Knight, and the gorgeous auto-runner Sky Dancer Run.

Check out the full list on the Android Developers page here and tell us your favorite in the comments.