If it worked for Hollywood, why wouldn’t it work for mobile gaming too? That’s probably what the guys over at Angry Mob Games thought when they decided to bring Alien vs. Predator together again for an Android and iOS legendary match-up.

Highly successful on their own in the ‘80s and ‘90s movies, our two favorite extraterrestrial creatures fought it out for the first time in the 2004 “AVP: Alien vs Predator” movie. As expected, the motion picture was ripped in pieces by critics, but it was received pretty well by the wide public, who cared less about mind-boggling dialogues and more about blood-spilling, limb-ripping fun.

Although we’re a bit short on details about Angry Mob’s future Alien vs Predator gaming title, it’s obvious that we should expect that same hack-and-slash atmosphere to be transferred to people’s gadgets.

No video trailer has been yet released to advertise the third-person action adventure game, but based on the few official gameplay pics, we are in for a treat! Exactly like in the 2004 movie, the visual effects should draw all the attention, while the storyline will probably be … well, not overly complex.

Still, we can’t help but applaud the idea of messing with people’s perception of bad and evil by letting future gamers choose to either be on Alien’s side against Predator or the other way around. The only humans present in the game will be mindless inferior creatures all set to die “for the cause”, which we have to admit is anything but unoriginal.

So, we’ll definitely have a gory freaky atmosphere, amazing visuals (hopefully 3D), and no line between good and bad to cramp our havoc-wreaking style. What else? Well, according to the game’s manufacturers, there’ll be 21 different complex levels of hacking and slashing alien enemies, which sounds like something that could take more than a week-end to complete.

There’ll also be unlockable bonuses in the form of new abilities while progressing in the game: you’ll get from novice killer to professional assassin capable of sneaking up on an enemy with activated night vision in a matter of… days? Now that is what I call cooler than cool!

On the flipside, we can’t help being a bit wary about how good of a job Angry Mob Games will be capable of with such a demanding and challenging title. It’s true, the developers do already have the iOS “Predators” in their portfolio, but on Android they’re not very well-known. Taking a look on Google Play, we can see they only have two games developed for the mobile platform until now, neither of those being extremely popular. Oh well, I guess we could give them a shot, couldn’t we?

No pricing details have been announced until now (don’t expect the game to be “freemium”, though), while in terms of availability we know that Alien vs Predator will be coming sometime in November. Anyone excited yet? Will you take Predator or Alien’s part in the legendary extraterrestrial war? Don’t forget, there can only be one, so choose carefully!