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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week! - Android Apps Weekly

The 237th Android Apps Weekly is live! This week we talk about a new launcher, a new Amazon Kindle app, a few fun new games, Facebook's continuing woes, and Google slowly closing down their ecosystem more along with more Android apps and games news!

Published onApril 2, 2018

This is the featured image for Android Apps Weekly on March 3rd, 2018.
Welcome to the 237th Android Apps Weekly! Here are the big headlines from this week:

  • Google Play received a number of big updates this week. The first is a new bookmark feature for audiobooks. Another is a Smart Resume that continues reading books after something like a phone call. Finally, the Google Family Library is available in 13 new countries, including many European, South American, and African countries. Google Play Movies & TV got a big redesign as well. Hit the links to learn more!
  • The Room: New Sins is coming to mobile devices in April. It’s the fourth game in the popular room escape series. Previous games featured an arcane story line, intricate puzzles, and outstanding graphics. We expect nothing less from the fourth iteration as well. It launched on iOS devices in January 2018. The developer gave bug fixes and spec disparity as reasons for the delay. April 19th is the game’s official launch date.
  • Google Play is hosting its big spring sale. The sale includes multiple parts of the site, including apps, games, and books. Some of the big names include Lumino City, Samorost 3, Monument Valley 2, Reigns: Her Majesty, and, of course, Square Enix’s Hitman Sniper. Additionally, some of the apps include Runtastic and Memrise. There are movie and TV deals in some countries (not the US) as well. It’s a great chance to stock up on some good stuff.
  • Facebook isn’t using third party data anymore for advertisers. This is an effort to improve privacy in the midst of the controversy of the last few weeks. It’s common practice to use third parties for this kind of thing. Ironically, this section of Facebook isn’t responsible for the big controversy. Facebook is likely hoping that locking down user data even more helps restore some semblance of trust. This is another great reminder to read the ToS for big sites like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft, Yahoo, etc. People are actually suing Facebook over this. Additionally, Facebook is under federal investigation.
  • Google closed up access to their apps a little more this week. Devices that are uncertified can no longer run Google apps. Those attempting to do so will see error messages. Basically, the apps won’t let you use them. ROM developers can get around the problem by registering their ROMs with Google. However, devices that aren’t Google certified will simply not work.

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If we missed any big Android apps or games news, releases, or updates, tell us about them in the comments below!

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