Amazon Prime Video app on Pixel 3 XL phone

Update, March 24 2020 (1:42AM ET): Amazon has now come back to us, confirming that profile support is currently available in India and “other territories in Asia and Africa.” So what about customers in the US, then?

“We are rolling this out in phases and will let you know when it becomes available to all customers in the US,” an Amazon representative told Android Authority.

Furthermore, the representative noted that profiles are available on the Prime Video website, as well as the mobile and Fire TV apps.

Original article, March 23 2020 (4:38AM ET): Netflix and Hulu have offered profile support for years now, but it’s a feature that Amazon Prime Video has inexplicably lacked for ages. Thankfully, it looks like the function has gone live for some users now.

Gadgets 360 spotted profile support in Amazon Prime Video (h/t: XDA-Developers), and confirmed that you can create up to six profiles compared to Netflix’s limit of five. Hulu, meanwhile, also offers support for six profiles in total.

It’s a pretty big deal because profiles allow each user to have their own recommendations, watch history, and more. The inability to create profiles in Prime Video means you can’t keep track of the shows you watched, where you left off, and it wreaks havoc with your recommendations.

Amazon Prime Video profiles are reportedly available in selected markets right now, so you might have to wait a while if your market isn’t supported.

This isn’t the only recent Prime Video news, as Amazon has confirmed that it will follow Netflix by reducing video quality in Europe. The move comes as European markets struggle with network congestion owing to more people being stuck at home.

Have you spotted Prime Video profiles yet? Give us the details (i.e. your market) in the comments below!

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