Voice-activated speakers, like Amazon’s Echo and Echo Dot, are handy little devices. To activate the speaker’s virtual assistant though, you have to use a wake word to let the device know you’re talking to it. Until recently, you could use three different wake words with Amazon’s Echo products — Alexa, Echo, and Amazon. But with the latest update, you can now also say “Computer” to alert the device.

Changing the default wake word is quite easy. Just open up the Alexa app, select settings, choose a device, and then select Wake Word. All that’s left to do is for you to pick one from the list of options and save your selection.

This really is a handy new feature, as having more wake words is something most people want to see. However, it would be even better if users would have the option of adding their own words rather than just being able to choose one from a list.

That way, you could name your Echo whatever you like, a simple addition that would enrich the entire experience. Hopefully, Amazon will bring this feature to its voice-activated speakers in the near future. Fingers crossed.

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