We’re sure Amazon can keep Kindle Fire owners pretty occupied with e-books, magazines, movies and the likes, as well as apps and games from its Appstore for Android. But compared to Google Play, Amazon’s digital store is trailing behind in numbers, as certain apps do take longer to arrive.

If Mojang’s Minecraft Pocket Edition has been on your gaming radar, you’ll be ecstatic to hear that it has finally landed on the Appstore.

Despite its late entrance, you’ll find that Amazon is selling is the latest version of the game, which comes with chests, beds, and creepers – the same 0.4.0 version found on Google Play. What’s different, however, is the price. While it costs $5.97 outside, the game is a dollar more expensive on Amazon, or $6.99.

We don’t think the price has affected its popularity, though. Within a couple of days of its availability, Minecraft Pocket Edition has shot up the chart and is now #1 on the best-sellers list in the Games category.

If you’re in the mood to  build blocky things to your heart’s content – using the many unique types of blocks available that the game offers – and waste countless hours in the process,  you definitely want to check out Minecraft Pocket Edition on Amazon’s Appstore. Do you think it’s priced a bit high? Or is the game worth $7?