google-alphabet-infographic CNNMoney

Mountain View surprised the world when it announced the creation of and restructuring into Alphabet, a holdings company of which Google is now but a part of. Indeed the name seemed both amusing and surprisingly logical, and as of last week it’s also official. Nonetheless, the mission doesn’t end there, as protecting vested interests are a vital component of modern online businesses.

Obviously was insufficient, as according to re/code, Google has fittingly purchased the domain for the entire alphabet. That is to say, Sadly the link doesn’t actually go anywhere: according to a Google spokesman, “We realized we missed a few letters in, so we’re just being thorough.”

Fit as a fiddle for even Mary Poppins' own supercalifragilistic kit and kaboodle, Alphabet has purchased the most appropriate domain ever: its own namesake.

It will be interesting to see what Google Alphabet does with the looooooong domain, though given that anyone who manually keys it in has 27 different chances to make a type-o, chances are it will just be a placeholder. Who knows though, sometimes even the most unassuming little detail can become an entire experience.