Dell Concept UFO in hand

It wouldn’t be CES if we didn’t see at least a few outlandish products and Alienware is delivering the goods with the Concept UFO. Ever wanted a Nintendo Switch with Windows 10 support? That’s precisely what this is.

Dell Concept UFO breakaway

Alienware’s Concept UFO uses a Switch like modular build and pairs it with PC-class components. Dell is being coy with the specifications here and hasn’t mentioned anything other support for a 10th generation Intel chipset. All the essentials are housed in a central module that also has an 8-inch, 1200p display. While the Concept UFO won’t be a gaming powerhouse, it should be able to run recent games at a decent clip.

Dell Concept UFO

Like the Switch, the Concept UFO includes controllers on either side of the central hub. These attach to the main body through a magnetic rail system. Of course, since this is still a Windows based machine, albeit with a custom launcher, the dual USB-C ports can be used for charging, peripherals as well as to connect the UFO to a dock for video output.

Unfortunately, Dell owned Alienware has no plans to bring the Concept UFO to market. The product is a straight up copy of the Nintendo Switch, and I can’t imagine the Japanese gaming giant being too happy about the copy-cat design. Add to it potential issues like battery life, and a sky-high price, it is easy to see why Alienware is playing it cautious with the Concept UFO.

Personally, I think the Concept UFO would make a fantastic indie-gaming machine when out and about. What about you? Does the Concept intrigue you or would you prefer a dedicated gaming console instead?