Amazon Echo pictured above.

Amazon’s assistant Alexa has become a very popular solution for those who want advanced voice controls. There are skills for all kinds of apps and services, but it is also true discovering them has so far been a mess.

You can do a lot with Alexa and Echo products, but sometimes people just don’t know how! This is why Amazon has decided to organize Alexa Skills under detail pages, similar to how they have organized their apps, books and products for sale.


These skills now find themselves neatly organized under categories. Skills can then be arranged and filtered based on consumer ratings, most recent additions and more. It has become a breeze to look through good Alexa skills to fill up your repertoire.

These detail pages make it simple to learn about any skill. One can even enable it and link it to other accounts, so as to make them work properly on your Alexa-powered devices. Pretty neat, right? Go check out the experience at Amazon’s dedicated website.

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