• Alcatel announced it will only sell its wares through Indian online retailer Flipkart.
  • Flipkart is currently the market leader in the Indian online retail space.
  • Alcatel hinted that similar partnerships could sprout up in other regions.

Alcatel already made a huge splash during CES 2018 by announcing its re-imagined smartphone lineup. Even so, the company is not quite done, as it announced a partnership with online retailer Flipkart.

TCL Communication, which uses the Alcatel brand as part of a licensing deal, announced that it will sell Alcatel-branded smartphones exclusively through Flipkart. According to Flipkart vice president and head of electronics and private labels Adarsh Menon, Alcatel has a strong presence on Flipkart when it comes to tablets, with the company “holding over a 15 percent share of all large screen tablets.”

TCL executive Christian Gatti also hinted that the company could team up with other retailers to sell their Alcatel-branded wares exclusively through them:

We’re honored to be partnering with Flipkart in India, and we hope this partnership is a model for how we can scale with similar partners in other growth markets.

This is an interesting move on TCL’s part, seeing how Amazon India is also a popular way for Indian resident to purchase smartphones and tablets. Even so, Flipkart is the de facto market leader in major segments of the online retail market in India, with the company having raised $4 billion from companies like Tencent, SoftBank, eBay, and Microsoft in 2017.

Then again, the two online retail giants have had a war of semantics for quite some time, though Flipkart wants to increase the number of active transacting customers and frequency of transactions. Seeing how Alcatel is one of the more popular smartphone and tablet brands on its marketplace, this partnership looks to be mutually beneficial.

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