One of the big new additions included in the first Android O Developer Preview is its Autofill feature. Developers will be able to implement the Autofill APIs directly into their apps so users will be able to automatically fill in any secure information they need, such as addresses, usernames, and passwords.

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AgileBits, the creators of one of the most popular password managers, 1Password, is wasting no time in testing these new Autofill features in Android O. In a blog post, it showed a quick video demo on how those Autofill APIs can be used by 1Password so that users can quickly log into Twitter.

As the clip shows, the Autofill Framework in Android O automatically contacted 1Password after the Twitter login page came up. 1Password simply needed the owner’s fingerprint to bring up stored username and password data. Once the person’s email was displayed via the Autofill Framework and tapped, the username and password forms were automatically filled with the correct information.

AgileBits clearly likes these new features that have been baked into Android O for both developers and users. In theory, it should make password management much easier to create for app developers, and far easier to use for people that own Android smartphones, especially ones that use biometric features like fingerprint, face and iris scanners.

It’s still very early days for Android O, and we suspect that we will get even more information and improvements for its Autofill features before the OS officially launches later this year.