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Adobe Photoshop gets new AI image generation features with Firefly Image 3 upgrade

Even the existing Generative Fill feature is getting new capabilities, like generating new backgrounds and more.

Published onApril 23, 2024

Generate Image Circular Neon Portal
  • Adobe has announced an upgrade to its Firefly Image Foundation Model, now at version 3.
  • This model enables a new Generate Image feature in Photoshop.
  • Further, the existing Generative Fill feature in Photoshop is getting new capabilities, such as generating backgrounds, generating similar images, enhancing details, and more.

One of the most popular use cases for AI is AI image generators, which take your text prompt and generate an image. Adobe has already gotten on the AI train with features like Photoshop Generative Fill, and today, at the Adobe MAX event in London, the company is upgrading the feature with the latest Adobe Firefly Image 3 foundation model, alongside introducing a new Generate Image feature.

Adobe Firefly Image 3

Firefly Image 3 Foundation Model promises massive advancements in quality and control. Adobe claims higher-quality image generations, a better understanding of prompts, new levels of detail and variety, a broader range of styles, and “significant improvements that enable fast creative expression and ideation.” Further, you can expect better lighting, positioning, attention to detail, and advancements in text display.

Adobe further mentions that Firefly was trained on licensed content, such as Adobe Stock, and public domain content. Consequently, Firefly is designed to generate content for commercial use that does not infringe on copyright and other IP rights. Adobe offers customers IP indemnification for Firefly-generated content.

Photoshop beta’s new Generate Image feature

Photoshop has had Generative Fill and Generative Expand features, but it could not create images from scratch from text prompts. That is changing today, as the latest Photoshop beta comes with a new Generate Image feature that, thanks to AI, allows for text-to-image generation.

What sets this feature apart from the Generative Fill is that the image is created from scratch. You aren’t working on an existing image as you did with Generative Fill or expanding on an existing image with Generative Expand.

The Generate Image feature is powered by the new Adobe Firefly Image 3 foundation model.

Generative Fill gets new capabilities

Generate Background Perfume Campaign

Generative Fill has been massively popular for Photoshop, quickly becoming one of its most used features. Compared to other features, Generative Fill in Photoshop saw ten times the adoption rate, and Adobe says it drove over 30% year-on-year increase in gross new Photoshop subscriptions.

Thanks to the upgrade to the new Adobe Firefly Image 3 foundation model, Generative Fill within Photoshop is getting new capabilities:

  • You can now control generative outputs with the new Reference Image feature.
  • You can now edit backgrounds in one click with the Generate Background feature.
  • You can create variations to find the perfect picture with the Generate Similar feature.
  • You can improve the existing image’s sharpness and clarity with the Enhance Detail feature.

Do you like the new AI features coming to Photoshop? Let us know in the comments below!

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