Chris Lacy has released the September update for Action Launcher 3 that officially adds all the Nexus Launcher features we covered in beta form a month ago. But Lacy has also tried to improve on those features, so, for example, instead of the single screen-width widget the Nexus Launcher offers, AL3 lets you choose the Google pill, the date widget or both combined, so you can put them anywhere you like in whichever order you prefer or only use one of them (or none).

Lacy has added the slide-up app drawer and caret (little arrow) above the semi-transparent dock. You can customize the background color of the dock or make it transparent to reflect the color of your wallpaper (via Quicktheme, part of AL3 Plus, a $4.99 upgrade). There’s also new Nexus Launcher-inspired folder designs and the ability to change the default wallpaper picker app.

You can still use AL3’s covers and shutters in the dock, but obviously a swipe up gesture will launch the app drawer instead, so you’ll have to reverse your cover/shutter swipe direction.

QuickTheme and QuickPage work fine with the Nexus Launcher features, but the only way you’ll get Google Now integration in AL3 is if you install the launcher as a system app. Lacy is still working on a fix for this but until Google releases the Now API for third-party developers, workarounds is what we’re stuck with.

Before you install though, do note that you need to own AL3 Plus ($4.99) to enable the Nougat-style features.

What is your favorite Nexus Launcher feature? Favorite AL3 feature?

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