AccuWeather has announced today that it’ll be bringing its popular weather app to Android TV devices, with support for hyper-localized minute-by-minute forecasts.

Chances are, you either have AccuWeather on your phone right now or you’ve at least come across it before, especially if you own a Samsung device. AccuWeather has been a popular weather app among smartphone users for quite some time (although its accuracy, just like any other weather app, is sometimes questionable). Now, the company has announced that it’ll be expanding its global reach with the launch of the AccuWeather app for Android TV.

According to the company, the app “gives users access to the most extensive library of breaking weather videos, ranging from on-site severe weather reports to in-studio forecasts. The new app also features customizable hyper-local weather forecasts including RealFeel temperature, current conditions, and more, as well as severe weather warnings to keep people informed and safe.”

You can also customize the app theme according to the lighting conditions in your room.

The AccuWeather app for Android TV also comes with exclusive AccuWeather MinuteCast forecasts which shows precipitation type and intensity for the next two hours, all hyper-localized to the user’s viewing location. And given the fact that this is designed for your television, you can customize the app theme according to the lighting conditions in your room.

Steven Smith, President of Digital Media at AccuWeather, stated that not only will the app provide the most accurate weather experience for Android TV users, but its launch reaffirms the company’s long-standing partnership with Google.

AccuWeather for Android TV can be downloaded from the Play Store.

Do you use a weather app on your TV at all? Will you be installing AccuWeather? Let us know by leaving a comment below!

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