• Tomorrow Corporation, which includes the co-creator of World of Goo, has announced its new game called 7 Billion Humans.
  • The game will challenge the player to solve 60 puzzles by controlling groups of humans in a massive building in a kind of living computer.
  • The game is coming to the PC and the Nintendo Switch, but there’s no word yet on an Android launch.

Kyle Gabler, one of the creators of the great, very odd puzzle game World of Goo, is involved in the development of a new game that may have one of the weirdest concepts ever made. Gabler, along with Allan Blomquist and Kyle Gray, are getting together to make 7 Billion Humans under their Tomorrow Corporation studio.

Tomorrow Corporation

The game itself is a follow up to the Tomorrow Corporations’s previous project, Human Resource Machine, which was launched in 2015. In that game, you control one human who has to automate tasks inside a building through simple programming to solve its puzzles. However, 7 Billion Humans is almost a direct opposite to the concept of Human Resource Machine. The new game’s backstory is that a certain person who looks and sounds a lot like our 45th US president is promising every person on the planet will have a job, and that they will all work inside a massive building that can be seen from space.

In terms of gameplay, 7 Billion Humans will make you control swarms of humans inside this “huge, classy” building to accomplish tasks and solve the 60 puzzles in the game, as they act like cogs in a living computer. This game sounds like it will be a lot of fun, while also making a bit of a satirical statement on the state of the workplace and politics today. At the moment, Tomorrow Corporation has only confirmed 7 Billion Humans for the PC (via Steam) along with the Nintendo Switch console. However, since the earlier Human Resource Machine was launched for Android, iOS, and other platforms, we expect the same will happen with this new game eventually.

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