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Netflix has quietly introduced a new plan for interested users, which costs $1 less than the previous cheaper offer, although it does come with some limitations in place.

However, the offer is only available to new customers – and Netflix may not offer it to all potential new customers, the company has revealed to TechCrunch.

The new Netflix entry tier is at $6.99 per month after a month of free trial, although the plan comes with two “features” some users may not like, including streaming only SD formats of chosen movies and TV shows and watching them on one device at a time.

These limitations aren’t necessarily deal breakers though, and at the end of the day new users who don’t want to share their Netflix subscription with friends and family, and who want to use the service primarily on their mobile devices may very well be interested in the $12 in savings for a year’s subscription – yes, many mobile devices have screens with Full HD resolution, however, since the displays are smaller, SD video playback will still look great on these devices.

New $6.99 monthly Netflix subscription | Image credit: The Next Web

New $6.99 monthly Netflix subscription | Image credit: The Next Web

That said, it’s clear that Netflix may be looking into more ways to sign up new paying subscribers, so we may see similar deals in the future.

Are you getting a $6.99 per month Netflix account?

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