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5 Android apps you shouldn't miss this week! - Android Apps Weekly

In this week's episode, we talk about Google Allo, a new Humble Bundle, and we say goodbye to Milk Music along with more Android apps and games news!

Published onSeptember 25, 2016

Google Allo photograph from the Play Store

paralign Android Apps Weekly

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paralign android apps weekly

Android Apps Weekly headlines

Welcome to the 159th edition of Android Apps Weekly. Here are the headlines from the last week:

  • Samsung’s Milk Music was finally put to rest this last week. As of September 22nd, the service is no longer available for download or use. It shouldn’t surprise anyone because this was announced a couple of months ago. Prior Milk Music users will get a 14-day free trial for Slacker Radio since that was the service that powered Milk Music. It’s still available in China and South Korea for now, but it won’t last forever there either.
  • A study was released late last week that showed that 13% of all users downloaded 50% of all apps. That makes a lot of sense because us early adopters can and will frolic from one app to the next to see if it’s any good. Another interesting stat is that 49% of people surveyed for this study didn’t download a single app during the survey period. On average, people interested in apps download about 3.5 per month.
  • Google is formally rolling out AMP, or accelerated mobile pages, to everyone all around the world starting this week. For those who don’t know, AMP is a project to help pages load much more quickly and take up far less data than their non-AMP counterparts. Google boasts that they’ve done up 600 million AMP sites in 232 regions. The only other thing of note is that this won’t change the search results at all so you’ll still see the same searches.
  • Yahoo sent out an email this week to tell everyone about a data leak all the way from 2014. On top of being massively late, Yahoo also revealed that they believe the culprit behind the hacks was a “state sponsored actor” and that it was more than just account passwords that got taken. They didn’t mention which state or country the attack originated in, but there are really only a handful that target US based companies like Yahoo anyway. Of course, that also doesn’t explain why it took them two years to tell us anyway.
  • The latest Humble Bundle is now live! This time around the bundle is based around Artifex Mundi games for both PC and mobile. You can pay whatever you want and get three games, beat the average and get six total games, or pay more than $5 and get every game in the bundle. There are some good titles here and it’s also a great way to donate to charity and play some games at the same time.

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paper planes android apps weekly
Paper Planes

[Price: Free]
Paper Planes is a cute little app where you make a paper airplane and throw it into the Internet. It is then eventually retrieved by somebody else. Likewise, you’ll be able to catch planes thrown by other people. There is really not use for an app like this one and it doesn’t provide much functionality, but it’s kind of fun to see how far your paper airplane flew before it was caught by someone else. It’s completely free and, again, it’s not overly useful but it’s there.

paper planes android apps weekly

construction crew 3d android apps weekly
Construction Crew 3D

[Price: Free / $1.49]
Construction Crew 3D is a fun little time killer that has you driving and using various construction vehicles. That includes things like cranes, dump trucks, and various other vehicles and you’ll have full control over their various implements of destruction. At its core, Construction Crew 3D is a puzzle game where you’ll have to solve various puzzles to progress to the next level. It features over 90 missions, 15 vehicles that you can drive, and more. The free version is ad supported and you can buy the pro version as an in-app purchase.

construction crew 3d android apps weekly

google trips android apps weekly
Google Trips

[Price: Free]
Google Trips is a new app that helps you plan your trips. The central idea is that it gives you a one-stop hub for things like your itinerary, places of interest, restaurant reservations, and the other kinds of things you generally need when taking a trip. It’ll also help you find stuff to do if you’re not 100% certain of what you want to do once you get there. It’s fully featured and can even be accessed offline in case you end up somewhere without an Internet connection. You can get it right now for free.

google trips android apps weekly

kerflux android apps weekly

[Price: Free / up to $7.99]
Kerflux is a minimal puzzle game that a lot of people seem to be enjoying right now. The basic premise of this one is that you have a couple of waves that you need to line up in order to make it look like the third wave. It sounds easy when you say it out loud, but it does get rather difficult rather quickly. It’s a great little time killer for those who like puzzles. Perhaps the best part is that the game is completely free to play with the in-app purchases being for developer donations if you want to give them a few bucks.

google allo android apps weekly
Google Allo

[Price: Free]
Google Allo was perhaps the most anticipated app of 2016 and now it’s out for the public. The app features some goofy little things like stickers, emoji, and location messaging while also providing a clean look and feel. Allo’s main feature is Google Assistant which you can ping in its own chat or in any chat where everyone is using Allo. It’s not amazing just yet, but word is that new features will be coming swiftly. You can pick it up for free and if you want to learn more, we’ll have our quick look linked below.

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