Widgets can make or break the experience you have with your Android Phone. They, quite simply, have become a staple in our everyday Android life. Between widgets, icons, launchers and docks, we have everything we could possibly need to customize our phone, and make it look drastically different from the next one. We are all familiar with some of the most popular widgets out there like Pandora or Facebook. While some of these widgets are main stream, you still don’t have much in the way of choice when it comes to making yours look special and unique. Not anymore.

XDA member ilangoadigal, has done us all a huge favor and compiled an ongoing list of these wonderful widgets by various other members.

You can see how these give your device just a enough of a twist to matter.

To install these, just head on over to xda-developers and select the one you want to use. Download it and add it to your devices memory. Before you install the transparent version,  be sure to uninstall your current version of the app first. Install the new APK and away you go. Pretty simple right? Hope everyone enjoys these as much as I do.

You can follow the [LINK] to get started on your transparency kick.

Darcy LaCouvee
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