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Why only store passwords when 1Password can do so much more?

Documents, credit cards, addresses, 1Password handles it all.
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Published onSeptember 29, 2021

1Password iOS FaceID darkmode

Nobody likes to think about managing their passwords at work all day. If they tell you otherwise, they’re probably lying to you. That, or they’re just not familiar with a password manager that’s up to snuff. Enter 1Password — one of the best ways to get you and your entire team on the same page.

Just think about how many passwords you use every day. Here at Android Authority, we have heaps of logins to manage our analytics, draft new content, and order devices in for testing. It’s too much to just write passwords in an insecure spreadsheet, which is why password managers are lifesavers.

1Password isn’t just a popular pick for tech sites, it’s become a hit with more than 90,000 companies including IBM, Slack, Dropbox, and more. Here’s what helps to make 1Password so popular.

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Security for your entire company

1Password Teams overhead

The most important part of any password manager worth its salt is encryption. After all, that’s what sets 1Password apart from those totally insecure spreadsheets we mentioned. 1Password is end-to-end encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption. It goes beyond the traditional account password approach and adds a unique, local, 128-bit Secret Key to help authenticate your login.

The service is tamper-proof, and your Secure Remote Password is able to approve your credentials with an extra layer of security to keep snooping eyes at bay. A zero-knowledge architecture also means that not even 1Password can see what you have saved.

1Password complies with all of the most stringent industry standards, which makes it a perfect fit for companies big and small. You can create security policies and set firewall rules to keep your team safe and focused. Once you have 1Password up and running for a while, you can also check out advanced analytics to see how your company uses the service.

You can even use 1Password to control everything about your security. The organizational methods help to maintain productivity and take the stress out of memorizing all of your logins. 1Password even integrates seamlessly with platforms you already use like Azure AD, Okta, and Slack so you can stick to the software you know and trust.

Stopping threats before they make tracks

1Password Families at desk

There’s not much worse than finding out about your compromised logins after the fact. Luckily, 1Password offers a Domain Breach Report that can locate your information in the most recent breaches and send an automated email to team members who have been impacted.

Don’t worry, nobody can create these reports but you. You’ll have to verify your domain personally, and your information will remain protected. 1Password doesn’t reveal the password that’s been compromised, only the name of the site and type of information.

You’ll probably find 1Password’s Watchtower feature to be a lifesaver. It works together with Have I Been Pwned to alert you to compromised websites. Watchtower also keeps an eye out for weak and repeated passwords so you can give your security a kick.

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Secure, not slow

1Password Windows in cafe

One of the biggest reasons that your team might give up on a password manager is if it actually slows things down. Luckily, 1Password offers apps for just about any operating system as well as all of the major browsers. We’re talking Safari, Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and more.

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You can even use 1Password to hold your company credit cards, your entire directory of addresses, and sensitive documents safe from harm. If you’re rolling with 1Password on mobile, you can add Face ID, Touch ID, Windows Hello, or a fingerprint unlock to the mix. It also works with an Apple Watch and a Secure Enclave connection.

If 1Password offers all of this, the biggest question is why you haven’t tried it out yet? You can fire things up with a free 14-day trial of 1Password Business, and then it costs as little as $7.99 per user thereafter. If you want some added security or you have stricter requirements, you can also reach out to 1Password directly for a custom quote.

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