Since the arrival of smartphones and tablets in the market, games have become more sophisticated to cater to the improving specs of devices to deliver uncompromised entertainment to users—hence, the rise of HD games. Here’s a list of some of the top HD games for Android users:

1. Pinball HD for Tegra ($2.99)

The classic Windows game made it first to iOS and won the 2010 Apple Design Award in Games. The Android version, compatible with the famed NVIDIA Tegra processor, boasts of realistic and detailed graphics and claims to be the best version on any device yet.

2. The Adventures of Tintin ($6.99)

If you enjoyed and loved the movie, then Gameloft’s movie tie-in app is a must-download. Unravel the secrets of the unicorn with amazing 3D animation and motion detection, all in HD. Good news, the latest update now supports devices running on Ice Cream Sandwich.

3. Fieldrunners HD ($2.99)

Take your love for Plants vs Zombies to the next level with this tower defense game on Android and finish astounding 400 waves across 4 unique battlefields. It also has accolades under its tower: TIME Magazine’s Top 10 Game of the Year and Gizmodo’s Top Must-Have Game, among many others.

4. GRave Defense HD (Free)

Here’s another tower defense game exclusively available for Android users for free! Without any charge, play up to 37 rounds of strategy and survival while following its post-apocalyptic storyline. The game is extremely addictive, even if you’re battling gory creatures like mutated zombies and monsters.

5. Air Attack HD Part 1 (Free)

Gameplay and graphics rule this Android’s top air combat shooting game of real-time physics, special effects, and broad weaponry. If you feel that 3 missions and 3 difficulty modes are too short, head on over to the Market where Air Attack HD Part 2 ($1.89) and its Full Version ($2.89) are also sold.

6. Cordy (Free)


With this little robot making it to The New York Times Top 10 Best Games of 2011, helping to power up Cordy’s little world might be worth it. The free version available at the Market features 4 puzzle levels, giving a glimpse of why it is the #1 app in United States, among other countries.

7. Farm Tower HD (Free)


For a free HD app, Farm Tower is performing well with 4.5 out of 5 star reviews. Help the animals down their tower and get past through blocks in overwhelming 100 different levels. It is also connected to OpenFeint, which means you can compare your performance with other players.

8. Beer Pong HD (Free)

If Angry Birds has finally bored you, Beer Pong HD is another realistic physics game you can try, taking after the official rules in the Beer Pong World Series (thus, your being champion is legitimate here). Bonus: it has multiplayer rounds, so play with your friends online or pass-and-play style.

9. Anomaly Warzone Earth HD ($3.99)

Tower defense games are too mainstream, so how about a tower offense game? Upgrade weapons, shatter towers, destroy alien invaders—it is actually the same stuff, except that you are on the attacking side, and this game is nominated for IGN Best Mobile Strategy Game Award.

10. Triple Stack HD (Free)

Our timeless favorite game, solitaire, takes on a new form with Triple Stack (or Tri Tower, Pyramid Solitaire, or Three Peaks) where you have to clear towers and remove cards with cards of higher or lower value. A similar version by the same developer is Tri Peaks HD, also available in the Market.

How about you, what are your favorite HD games on Android? Let us know in the comments section below.

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