ZTE Grand X3 arrives on Cricket for $129.99

by: Andrew GrushJanuary 29, 2016


The ZTE Grand X3 was first announced earlier this month at CES 2016, where we had the opportunity to go hands-on with the device. At the time we knew it was destined for Cricket, and now it has arrived both in-store and online for $129.99.

As the low price tag would suggest, this is very much an entry level handset, as further evidenced by the Snapdragon 210 processor that powers the Grand X3. While the processor is less impressive than we’d like to see, the phone does have some positives including 2GB RAM and a sizable 3080mAh battery that should provide pretty solid battery life.

Other specs include a 5.5-inch 720p display, 16GB storage with microSD, and Android 5.1 Lollipop. The Grand X3 also stands out as being one of the few Android devices with a Type-C USB port, and about the only one at this price range as far as we are aware.

The Grand X3 certainly won’t impress anyone, but it’s really not too bad for the price. Even better, if you’re a new Cricket customer that is porting a line from a competitor you can get your hands on the phone for just $79.99.

What do you think of the phone? Worth the money, or is the weak processor too much of a deal breaker?

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  • that-random-guy 87

    I might check it out

  • Bram Wildenberg

    pretty good for that price point

  • Remy Cajallena

    actually I can live with that SD210, but for some reason the deal breaker for me is the ugly design :/

  • Michael Roth

    I think that the BLU – Vivo XL with a much better processor for only $20 more is a better deal

    • Saad Naeem

      BLU Vivo XL now available for purchase; company offers limited-time $50 rebate