YouTube v6 Material Design Update Channel playing

The YouTube app for Android is rolling out an update to version 6.0 right now. The update finally brings Material Design to the app, and a little tweaking to the navigation panel as well and some updated search functionality.

YouTube for Android is available for free from the Google Play Store, but chances are you’ve already got it installed. The update began rolling out this afternoon and should find its way to your device over the weekend.

YouTube v6 Material Design Update Channel

The Material Design updates are about what you would expect. YouTube gets the color red, as you’d probably guess. Inside the app, however, YouTube is leveraging the Lollipop Palette API, which pulls colors from the a given channel and to determine what the top splash color should be. As it turns out, Android Authority scores the color blue.

In the left menu, your profile pic turns into a circle, in addition to the remaining Material Design backdrop styling. The Playlists section has also been removed.

YouTube v6 Material Design Update Left Menu and min


In the settings menu, you’ll find a few items moved around. Safe Search now lives within your General settings, and the old Search category has been renamed Privacy. Best of all, the Privacy section now includes a one tap option to clear your Watch history.

YouTube v6 Material Design Update Settings

YouTube 6.0 is rolling out now, grab a fresh copy from the Google Play Store or hang on tight, it is rolling out as we speak. If all else fails, and you just do not wish to wait, it is possible that a few folks have captured the apk (direct link) for download. Please remember to verify the download before install.

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Material Design on YouTube, are you excited?

Jonathan Feist
Android purist and enthusiast, rarely more than arms reach from a stock Nexus 7. Often accused of being a Google fanboy, proud of it. Proponent for Android customization and personalization, if you can change it, make it your own!
  • Not sure if the blue theme is app-wide or just for certain channels, but I do like the Material touches here and there. Nice to see Google being timely on their app updates!

    • WitnessG

      It changes color based on the channel’s cover art, or whatever you call it.

      • You got it. I have no idea why it pulled from that little swatch of blue in the cover art, instead of the grey, white or green there and in the profile pic, but hey, it’s a fairly good match to that blue, I’m impressed.

  • neimovirne

    why blue??

    • Abbas Mustafa Bhaiji

      its not blue its color changes across different channels

  • crutchcorn

    Blue? Blue? BLUE?

  • YouTube 6.0.11 is now rolling out in the Google Play Store and (finally) brings the Material redesign you guys have been itching for.


  • Duy Pham

    still no 1440p option lol

    • Ali Ali

      yes there is

      • Duy Pham


        • Ali Ali

          There is an option on my nexus 6

          • Duy Pham

            oh damn. its not there on the n4 or g3… that sucks lol

          • PoisonApple31

            I lost the 1440p on YouTube a few updates ago in YouTube. I used to have it on my G3.

          • Matt

            how did you want to watch 1440p video on 720p display? It makes no sense.

          • Duy Pham

            wait matt, are you uneducated or?….

          • Matt

            I know what you mean, but i can say it with a clear conscience that you won’t see difference between 720p and 1440p on your n4 screen…

          • mpeL

            By “n4” he means Note 4, not Nexus 4.

          • Sunny


  • Alex Ohannes

    How do I access my playlists? There must be some way… I just can’t believe that Google would be that stupid to take a way a feature as critical to the functionality of the YouTube app as that one.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    “Material design”??? WTF is that???? Why so big noise?
    Since Tim Cook stepped in, all of you become fashion designers . Right????

    • Alex Ohannes

      “Material design”??? WTF is that???? Why do you have such a big nose?
      Since Tim Cook stepped in, you became a fashion designer . Right???? Can you design me a shirt? It will only cost you $199 to do it for me, but if you design me two, then I’ll only charge you $150 per shirt.

    • Happy

      Exactly my thoughts ever since this material design appeared. What is all the fuss about this simplistic, nothing special design? Why do we need article after article after article on this? Why are tech sites and many users getting so excited over it?

      • The-Sailor-Man

        I guess , because Apple did it too.(not that they were did it first , though) And when Apple do whatever BS, all the tech media get wet and fall in nirvana.

  • Ryan DeSalvo

    why does the action bar not go away when I scroll through videos?… its freaking huge and wastes screen space.

  • TheLoneGuy

    Am I the only one who feels that material design (or atleast the present implementations) look a bit ugly?

    • David Onter

      Do you have Lollipop? If not it looks a bit clunky on previous versions of Android, yes. Waiting for my Lollipop-Update :)

      • TheLoneGuy

        Nah just looking at the screenshots.. The lack of partitioning between button elements etc. are just not to my taste I guess..
        But hey won’t take too long to get used to right?

        • David Onter

          Hm, I see. Well it’s also a lot about the Animations, at least this should be a positive thing which comes with the Update (although everybody who doesn’t have Lollipop misses out on them…)

          • Christopher Prats

            When I had KitKat on my nexus material apps had no ripples, but know they’re everywhere other than the keyboard

  • Anonymousfella

    Shouldn’t AA be green?

    • nick

      Maybe u have to pay an monthly abonament if u want to choose “your” collor :-)

      But i would pay just to get ridder off (or fixed up) that white overall, with that “grey” gradient in cards,
      that also look white to me,

      Esspecialy on my android stick (on tv) or some cheap phone/tablets where u cant get the full White scale so
      that grey also looks white over all. Also that small grey text (i can’t see it). It blends with the ‘design’ white.
      But maybe i’m just gettin old (with 21) and need some glasses (with grey filter).
      Besides that it looks nice to me, but not ready ‘designed’.

  • MasterMuffin

    FKING FINALLY. The hamburger menu isn’t done correctly though. Nitpicking :P

    • Tjaldid

      It’s weird they seem to be backtracking the Hamburger Icon with the new Google services update

      • MasterMuffin

        It’s weird that they even came up with it, because the correct way to do the menu (according to them) is to have it on top of everything, even the status bar, so the arrow should never show anywhere


    Colorblinds were not obviously not the focus here. In “What to Watch”, it’s really difficult for me to see the black text for “Music” next to “Home” because of the dark red background. Not a big deal, but does make me feel Google definitely chose design over function here.

    Additionally, there is an extreme use of white in this app. The background is completely white, and it’s actually quite gruesome in some areas of the app. Personally, I think it looks like it’s actually an error with all that white, like the script failed to show the actual color. Go into a video, for example, and there’s the upvotes counter, downvotes counter and then a huge empty white space next to it. Why not center those two buttons so they can be used more easily on big and small devices with one hand, as well as not giving white such a huge field. This is just messing with the screen real estate if you ask me…

  • No 60 FPS video support?

    • Sunny

      That feature is still not stable enough other browsers on pc still can’t do it.

      • SSDROiD

        Not necessarily because it isn’t supported or stable enough, let’s not forget Chrome is operated by Google. They might permanently make 60FPS on YouTube require Chrome so Firefox, Opera, Internet Explorer, Safari etc. users will switch. If Android Lollipop has 60FPS support, then they absolutely should be able to make YouTube on Android support 60FPS too. That said, I doubt they will.

  • Karly Johnston

    I wanna know when it will let me preset resolutions. I shouldn’t have to manually do it. Now I can’t get Lollipoop to open embedded videos in the app. It just defaults to play in Chrome.

  • atif khan

    Does it look good? I don’t think so.