YouTube ad-free subscription service said to launch on October 22nd

by: Edgar CervantesSeptember 26, 2015


YouTube is expected to release a subscription service that will get rid of ads; there is no secret there. The rumors have been going strong about it. The issue is so far all we have gotten is a general sense of the idea. Needless to say we have been itching for more details, and today we might be getting the best YouTube murmurs around the inter webs.

Sources have been told that a launch is to be expected by the end of October, but that is merely words. Those who need a bit more proof can now turn to look at an email YouTube content creators have been getting. This message (posted at the bottom of this article) asks that YouTube channel owners agree to a new set of terms of service, or else their videos “will no longer be available for public display or monetization in the USA”. This action must be taken care of by October 22nd, which strongly suggests this may be the same day Google launches the new YouTube subscription service.

Youtube Android Authority

This evidence is accompanied by other rumors coming from “video industry sources”, who claim this service is to be bundled with YouTube Music Key, the company’s music streaming paid subscription. But most of you are probably more worried about how much subscribers will pocket out to get an ad-free YouTube and Music Key, a due that is rumored to be named YouTube Red.

The details are actually a bit weird, as it’s said Google will charge only $10 a month for this. This would be the same amount of cash Music Key was expected to cost on its own, leaving much of the industry scratching heads. Is this a good decision, financially, with music labels likely getting most of the money? We are sure Google wouldn’t go ahead and lose money doing this. Right?

YouTube Music Key Google Play Music Key

Maybe YouTube Music Key simply needed more to offer than its own music streaming capabilities, and the promise of no ads will simply entice more users to sign up. Where do you stand on this? Would you pay $10 a month to get rid of ads and gain access to Music Key?

Letter to YouTube content owners:

For years, YouTube’s fans have been telling us they want more — more choice when watching their favorite content, more ways to support their favorite creators and, above all, the option to watch their favorite videos uninterrupted.

To give fans more choice we will be launching a new ads-free version of YouTube, available to fans for a monthly fee. This service will create a new source of revenue over time that supplements your advertising revenue. That’s why an overwhelming majority of our partners — representing over 95% of YouTube watchtime — have asked for and signed up for this service.

As you heard in our previous emails, we want to ensure that fans who choose to pay for an ads-free experience can watch all the same videos that are available on the ads-supported experience. That’s why we’re asking you to update your agreement to reflect the updated terms for the ads-free service.

To accept, simply log into as “pakafka” from a desktop or laptop and follow the prompts by October 22nd.

If you haven’t signed by that date, your videos will no longer be available for public display or monetization in the United States. That outcome would be a loss for YouTube, a loss for the thriving presence you’ve built on the platform, and above all, a loss for your fans. We remain committed to working with you, as we always have. And of course, at any time, you can accept the updated terms which will make your videos public and monetizable again. Common FAQs can be found here.

We believe these new terms will greatly strengthen our partnership for the future. We went through a similar process three years ago when we began distributing and monetizing your content on mobile devices. Today, mobile represents over half of all watchtime and mobile revenue is up 2x in just the last year. Just as with mobile, we’re confident this latest update will excite your fans and generate a previously untapped, additional source of revenue for you.

If you have questions or encounter technical difficulties, we’re here to help: reach out to us for support here.

The YouTube Team

  • Colton Blumhagen

    People will still use adblock.

    • TechGuy

      Adblock is no use on videos that you can’t watch until you have watched a video advert. Many of these can be skipped after a few seconds but some can’t and I think the subscription will stop these ‘forced’ videos.

      • MatthewPDX

        It works with Xposed and YouTube AdAway.

      • Of course it works, download the official version

    • Spruce Cycle

      Lol not u Android users! Ur “free and open” OS won’t allow them in the app store. Ofc my  iOS 9 allows them in the app store and no Apple users will see ads! Nearly all video is consumed on mobile devices with iOS leading the pack, guess u faildroids will have to suffer with tons of commercials and data trackers haha

      • Ray

        Likely a troll, but I’m pretty sure there are mods for adaway or something to that effect for Lollipop and Marshmellow.

        • Spruce Cycle

          Mods? How abt u do some research instead pulling crap outta ur behind. Google wont allow adblockers in the app store so much for ur free and open os moron.

          • Colton Blumhagen

            Who watches YouTube on mobile? What a horrible experience.

          • Spruce Cycle

            Horrible on Androids with all those ads yeah I wld think so! hahaha!

          • AbbyZFresh

            YouTube themselves have said more than half their traffic comes from mobile now. This is a big deal.

          • 1213 1213

            On android you can install apks from the internet just as easy as the app store. Of course such a concept is too out of the box for ya right?

          • Spruce Cycle

            No u cant plus they require proxies and wifi to work. Having apps in app store is BETTER than having to hunt down some dudes binaroes gtfo with ur sh*tty workarounds.

          • 1213 1213

            Lol, you clueless fool. Installing apks from third party sources works exactly the same as the app store, you just get one extra prompt that you can turn off in the settings.
            Most of the ad blockers just need to be installed and activated. Don’t know why you’re trying to convince people that have simply installed and started using them already.

            Just checked your post history, thousands of empty tripe about Samsung and android. Don’t you get bored with your life? Arent you embarassed as a human being? You evidently don’t even know the basics of android anyway

          • Spruce Cycle

            “Adblock Plus for Android only works via Wi-Fi and requires proxy configurations to install.”

            That’s directly from their website u clueless f*ckn moron now go die

          • 1213 1213

            Aww hit a nerve did I? Who said you have to use ad block plus? Less time posting thousands of troll posts and more time using your brain.

          • Spruce Cycle

            ^moron plain and simple. Google got rid of all the adblockers way back in 2013 ur beloved “free and open os” is NOT. Thru with u go die in a fire haha

      • 1mobile store, *cough cough*

        • Spruce Cycle

          is not the Play store. Faildroid users r dumb haha

      • SolarShane13

        And Apple doesn’t track and use your data? LMAO! Blinded fanboy be blind!

      • SolarShane13

        Looking through your post history….. You’re an “adult”? *barfs*

        • Spruce Cycle


        • Spruce Cycle

          As well as stalker!

  • Zack

    I see nothing wrong with this. Considering the networking and storage costs are in the millions, YouTube has to deal pay and it’s either this or ads.

    • AbbyZFresh

      People will simply move to another free service if they want people to pay for content they were used to watching free.

  • Chauntella Stephanie Brown

    I’d never pay for any “ad-free” service..

    Lmao really people yall can’t wait till a five or 30 second video ad goes away…pleeeaaassee!


  • Hal Roberts

    $10 a month is more than what I pay for Netflix. It’s also more than Amazon Prime. I’m gonna have to pass…

    • Chauntella Stephanie Brown

      Me too!

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    • some companies dont understand that users are HAPPY to pay for an upgrade of a free service, as long as that payment is less than $2 a month and also offer a premium at ~$20 month (more creator features, comment priority, badges)

      Same goes for Gmail, $5 a month is too much for free email, I know people would happily pay $2 for simple google apps

    • LAMBDA471

      If you use AdBlock, this makes no sense, since you don’t see any ads at all. Also on Android, UC Browser blocks ads, so you don’t even need the YouTube app installed, therefore no ads on a phone either.
      This is all so stupid, unless Google finds a way to bypass adblocking and still force ads display.

      • Jeffrey van Rossum

        They could also just prevent you from being able to see the video(s). It’s quite easy to detect whether a user uses an adblocker.

        • LAMBDA471

          There is an AdBlock subscription that is said to bypass blocking when the webpage detects that you have AdBlock.

          Adblock Warning Removal List

          The Adblock Warning Removal List specifically removes obtrusive messages and warnings targeted to users who use an adblocker.

          • Jeffrey van Rossum

            Using an AdBlocker against irritating, slow-loading ads is understandable. But if a website informs about the consequences of the AdBlocker (loss of income) or chooses not to show the content at all or parts of it, then that should be possible. Do not agree with this extension.

            Thanks for your reply LAMBDA471!

  • Siralf

    Count me in, loathe ads. This feature is not happening soon enough.

    FYI: 30 seconds ad if you watch around 2 hours of content a day (as is my case), could take a lot of your time and I very much appreciate mine.

    • SolarShane13

      *installs AdBlock for FREE*

  • James A Parr

    NOPE…doors open for another free service now.

  • Пешо Пешев

    Adds? In videos? Where????? Last time when I see an ad in youtube was years ago, before start using adblock…

  • namesib

    Ad blockers are free.

  • Andrew Blackburn

    Where will it end ? How are people supposed to keep paying out for all these subscriptions. Netflix Amazon Spotify monthly phone bills plus God knows how many more. Where do they think people can keep finding it.
    You pay for your isp your phone line too on top of all that. Prices are way too high for people to continue with these things combined. £3 $3 maybe just for the add free sub. I don’t want the music side of it. Bring these prices down or it will start to kill off these services. Be realistic for once.

    • Bob

      Thank you Andrew…a big thank you! I am utterly irritated by subscription entrapment all together.

    • Chauntella Stephanie Brown

      Exactly! They just find anyway to take money from people. Smh

    • Bruno

      Welcome To Capitalism.

    • packerrd

      Tell that to the people who are always b itching about ads

    • Xtremexx

      errr, get more money or stop paying for some…. simple. Its not Youtube’s problem if you want to use other services.

      • Andrew Blackburn

        Grow up you stupid petulant little boy. You do realise wot an immature little c**t you come across as. Go wipe your nose

        • Xtremexx

          boom you got me, you’re so mature that you resulted to cursing me out lol.

          • Andrew Blackburn

            Yes I did.

          • Xtremexx

            whatever kid

    • Chris Copley

      I don’t understand why you seem so upset, it’s not like anyone is making you pay for any of these services. Plus even if you bought ad free Hulu, Netflix, HBO Now, Amazon Prime, and YouTube Red, you’d still only be paying ~$53.34 a month, that’s cheaper than many cable packages. Not to mention you can get education discounts/use a relative’s account/watch advertisements if you’re really strapped for cash. The bottom line is these services cost money to create and maintain. Subscriptions are a great way for companies to get a steady flow of revenue to aid in that process. The other option is advertisements. At least now with YouTube we have a choice.

      • Andrew Blackburn

        Why do people like you have to jump on anyone making a point about a genuine concern. I know nobody is making me pay it. You’ll be happy I suppose when everything is so tied down that you’ll be charged just to access a web page. Grow up, if you don’t understand people’s concerns about that then your the type that has buckets of money and don’t give a toss about the rest. Well good for you fella. There’s plenty here that will agree that it’s all getting too much. I’ll happily continue watching the ads like I have done, but I’m more than sure once a subscription is launched those ads will become more intrusive more regular and longer forcing somebody out of the site or pay up. Now if you can’t see that or don’t care then that says a lot for your intelligence. Maybe when your a big boy and pay your own bills you’ll understand.

  • jon jamous

    No thanks, Google.

  • Bob

    fvck subscription system.

  • HA559

    We need to support smaller websites which offer an alternative to youtube. The good days of youtube will be long gone. Ever since they bought youtube, they’ve been making changes for the worse.

    • AbbyZFresh

      Smaller websites like Dailymotion don’t have the traffic nor the quality exclusive content to compete with youtube. The only platform with such a scale is Facebook.

  • TheLouisXXI

    Just ad this to your host file:

    and get rid of those ads for free!

    • you forget these people barely know how to turn on a light

  • Kao Vang

    $10 a month, no thanks Google!?

  • Gadgetonomy

    Put it another way that’s $120 a year, thats is way too much! I think I’ll put up with ads if they keep them short, it’s not like it’s going to take too much time out if my life

  • AbbyZFresh

    This is why I have adblock.

    Oh wait this is mobile. I rather deal with ads than pay for another music service.

  • Awesome Now we get to pay $10 a month for something we get for free, yay!

  • Anton Shashok

    I’ve wrote an Chrome Extension App skipping Video Ads in 10 minutes.
    1. Get an access for
    2. Install jQuery
    3. Watch for DIV class changes
    4. Skip to the end on video-ads
    5. Profit

    10 minutes