Sony to release Xperia Z2/Z3 Marshmallow Beta update with bug fixes

by: Matthew BensonMarch 17, 2016

sony xperia z2 drop test (13 of 25)

While many OEMs opt to forgo major Android OS updates, Sony has truly stood out from the pack in its more recent endeavors: last month saw the introduction of a Marshmallow Beta that was made available for older hardware. To the inevitable delight of Xperia Z2 and Xperia Z3 (and Z3 Compact) owners – flagships from the recent past – they can opt to melt with Android’s latest.

Android 6.0 marshmallow logo DSC_0126See also: Android 6.0 Marshmallow updates roundup – March 22, 2016157

Unfortunately it seems the Beta had some bugs that proved problematic, as Sony is now informing those running the release of changes to be made in the next one. Specifically, the next version of the Marshmallow Beta will address bugs with the Double-tap to wake feature not working 100% of the time, as well as audio-related trouble  that occurs when using Bluetooth devices.


Curiously enough, at least one user on Xperia Blog has commented that their Xperia Z5, running the official Android Marshmallow build, is indeed having the same audio-related problems. Stuart Gardoll writes that:

I wish the Beta Program was available for Z5. The Marshmallow update has rendered my Bluetooth audio virtually unlistenable with constant crackling and distortion.

Another user was quick to point out that the Z5 had access to the Beta, though it was in fact before the release of the official build. Indeed it would appear that Android Marshmallow, as Sony has integrated it prior to the upcoming Beta, may indeed be causing sound-related problems. As Sony is apparently aware enough of the issue to fix the Beta, one might assume it will get on the ball with addressing the complaints surrounding the Z5 in the near future as well.

Xperia Z2 and Z3 users running the Marshmallow Beta should keep their eyes peeled for the pending update, and stay tuned to Android Authority for the latest news related to these devices, and countless others.

  • Haik

    Pff, I’m running Sony’s Marshmallow concept rom 6.0.1 and have zero bugs! Should I even try this beta version?

    • SomeoneDankerThanYou

      How did you get the 6.0.1 ROM? Am I able to install it on the Z5 premium?

      • Shamoy Rahman

        if you root and go to XDA, yeah
        but i would advise waiting because official update is set to come out soon

        • SomeoneDankerThanYou

          Root you say? Could you please link me to a root with a tutorial because I have been searching forever and most of them are fake or I just understand nothing. Thanks :P

          • Shamoy Rahman

            Its simple, go look up tutorials on how to root Z3, then search up Z5P recovery.img and reply to me here so that I can verify what you’re doing is correct.

          • SomeoneDankerThanYou

            So I use the same root exploit as the Z3, or is the recovery.img the exploit itself?

  • Rainis

    I,m still rocking the kitkat 4.4.2 on my z2 because lollipop is quite laggy, i wish they made a new skin for marshmallow and more customization options, lollipo looks kinda basic, and the new marshmallow looks a lot like lollipop, i was hoping that they’ll make a totally new nice look and add more awesome features, the android on the new xperia x series looked interesting on the home screen.

    • Shamoy Rahman

      lollipop is actually faster, go change your animation speed

      • Rainis

        All animations are on 0.5x

        • Shamoy Rahman

          Yeah, well now go update to marshmallow.

  • Lollipop 5.1.1 on the Z2 here and it’s faster than on Kitkat, you must have screwed something up buddy. Even the current beta of Marshmallow is faster than Lollipop on the Z2.

    UI and UX wise, use the Theme Engine develop by Sony to change the skin it works very well to make all the changes you need.

  • Stefan Jon Silverman

    My Z4 Tab is going into deep sleep shortly after screen lock kicks in even though I have it set to keep WiFi alive even when sleeping (and have looked for every other setting that could impact this). When I unlock it it takes quite a bit of time to catch up in inbound emails and other network related data-push apps. Great for battery life, awful for a usable device….

    • Shamoy Rahman

      You should reset your tablet then. Do you have any power saving settings?

      • Stefan Jon Silverman

        I didn’t before the OS upgrade — maybe I do now from Sony that I can’t get at — have to kill K9 mail and the restart it when I wake tab up by simple screen-lock break just to get it to update my inbox — this is a broken update…

        it also wiped all my ATT APN settings after update and I had to re-enter them manually, that sucks….

  • Pablo Arias Máiz

    I have the Bluetooth audio issue here on a 5.1.1 stock z3 compact. Installed the beta app but did not get access to the beta test. Also having the “mobile radio active” bug. Lollipop really is killing this phone for me


    My Z2 after update to marchmallow 6.0.1 cannot attach contacts using txt message

  • sudeep sharma

    i have a problem in sony z2 mobile .my mobile not supoorted 4g sim and i updated my mobile in direct mashmallow but 4-5 days my mobile worked properly but now it`s not diplay home screen and screen all black no touch function worked. i attached with my laptop and sony software show error your mobile have locked

  • Anonymous

    I updated my xperia z3 to latest marshmallow and my speakers have stopped working