Xiaomi Mi TV 3S

Xiaomi has announced its first curved television, the Android-powered Mi TV 3S, which features a 4K 65-inch curved Samsung display for superior optics and comes in at a razor-thin 5.9 mm. At just ¥8,999 – the equivalent of $1,385 – the Mi TV 3S is a highly affordable, ridiculously big curved-screen TV.

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January 6, 2016

The Mi TV 3S features a metal frame and is available in two sizes: 65 inches and 43 inches, but only the larger display is 4K – the 43-inch Mi TV 3S is Full HD. The smaller display is also flat, not curved, but it costs significantly less: just ¥1,799, the equivalent of $275 in U.S. currency (although straight currency conversions never count for much). Both televisions are currently only available in China.

Xiaomi Mi TV 3S Curved specs

The Mi TV 3S runs Xiaomi’s MIUI Android interface and is powered by the Mstar 6A908 TV processor with 2 GB of RAM and 8 GB of internal storage. It supports both Dolby and DTS audio decoding and you’ll get the Mi TV Bar thrown in for good measure. It adds a six-piece sound system to this already impressive boob tube.

What do you think of Xiaomi’s TV efforts? Would you buy one if you could?

Kris Carlon
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  • open this up to the US and let me enjoy the glory of this AWESOMELY priced TV! DAMN IT!

  • That One Guy

    Yes, same as JK Stern said lol

  • MrHollow

    US? How about Xiaomi makes this available in the EU so i can thoroughly enjoy BOTH of them :|

  • SXE-EA17

    If it comes to EU at that price…pretty much insta-buy.

  • Mike

    Yes! We deffently need this in EU

    • Tomáš Dolenský

      Exactly, in Czech Republic

  • EasyCare

    I really hope Xiaomi keeps selling great electronics at cheap price, I’m just afraid that they’ll up the price tag the more widespread their products are.

  • Modest Mind

    Why would you publish anything about Xiaomi products in the international media, when you cannot purchase their products outside of China (and just recently India as well)? I’m trying to buy a Xiaomi Mi5 for couple of days now and ship it to Europe but it’s turning out to be “mission impossible”. Very annoying indeed.

    • Sudipt123

      It’s mission impossible trying to buy one with their flash sales model in India. Trying to buy a redmi note 3 but have failed repeatedly for around a month now.

      • Jan ยาน

        My Chinese friend tried to buy the Mi Note Pro last year, which was the fastest phone at that time, she couldn’t get one at the Mainland Chinese Flash Sales for 2 months, and finally bought it for a higher price at the Mi Home Store in Shen Zhen.

  • Dusan

    I want that CHAIR!

  • It’s thinner than an iPhone

  • Me

    what? no Atmos?

  • Sandesh S M

    When will the MI TV series be available in INDIA ?

  • Dave M

    Curved displays a joke. The only reason they exist is to mask flaws in the glass the same way spakle on the ceiling masks a sh1ty drywall job. Was reading an article last year that said that by curving the large screens they could increase the yield from the factory to 98% up from the average of only 65% of the glass being good enough. Don’t believe the bullsh1t about it the movie screen is curved crap. Movie screens are curved for a reason. So the distance from the projector lens is the same distance center, and to the edges. If your movie projection screen was flat, the focus would be off on the corners due to the longer focal distance from the lens. This doesn’t apply to TV. Just marketing crap to fool you. Ever seen how stupid a curved screen looks when mounted to a wall? Perhaps sitting on a stand in a corner, but mounted to a wall they look redonkulous.

  • Adv Sunil kumar

    Yes I can buy this one.

  • Jan ยาน

    I was at the Hong-Kong Mi Home Store. They didn’t have: The new 2-driver in-ears, the Mi Note Pro or any of the old and new TVs