The Bottom Line


Premium build quality
Solid camera
Fantastic battery life
Vibrant display
Intuitive software


No US availability

Bottom Line

The Xiaomi Mi Note offers premium hardware with a very robust software experience that many phablet users would enjoy, and it is quite unfortunate that there are no plans for an official US release. 


Editor's Choice Update 2015

During the press event held by Xiaomi in February to introduce their accessory store for the US market, the company handed out their 2015 flagship smartphone, the Mi Note, to all the attendees. While this device is not marked for an official US release, was this move a way for Xiaomi to show that they do have what it takes to compete in the over-crowded and highly-competitive smartphone market in the US? We find out, as we take a closer look at this phone in this comprehensive Xiaomi Mi Note review!

Xiaomi Mi Note-15

As the Note moniker suggests, this device falls squarely in the phablet category, and Xiaomi has certainly gone all out when it comes to design and build quality. The Mi Note is a gorgeous device, with 2.5D glass up front with its subtle curves along the edges, and the back featuring what Xiaomi calls 3D glass, with far more pronounced curves along its sides. All of this held together by a metal frame with chamfered edges, allowing for a solid device that feels great in the hand.

Xiaomi Mi Note-4

Despite its rather large size, one-handed usability isn’t as uncomfortable as you might expect, courtesy of its thin bezels along the sides of the display, along with the fact that the device is impressively thin, with a thickness of just 7 mm. Some hand gymnastics are required to get across to every part of the display of course, but everything is fairly manageable for the most part.

Xiaomi Mi Note-14

The back is made of glass, which does lead to it getting smudgy and attracting a lot of fingerprints, but isn’t very noticeable on this white version of the smartphone unless you are looking specifically for them. The same may not be the case for the black version though, which is something to watch out for when making the choice between the two.

Xiaomi Mi Note-9

Looking around the device, the power button and volume rocker are placed on the right side, positioned to make them easy to reach, and are very easy to press, with a nice tactile feedback. The SIM card slot is on the right, the headphone jack is up top, with the microUSB port and single speaker placed at the bottom. Capacitive menu, home, and back keys are found up front, along with a multi-colored LED notification light, earpiece, and front-facing camera at their usual locations above the display.

Xiaomi Mi Note-20

The Xiaomi Mi Note features a large 5.7-inch IPS LCD display, with a 1080p resolution resulting in a pixel density of 386 ppi. Color saturation, viewing angles, brightness, and outdoor visibility are all very good, and the sizable display screen real estate makes for a very pleasurable experience when it comes to browsing the web, watching videos, or playing games.

Xiaomi Mi Note-18

The color calibration of the display can also be adjusted in the settings, allowing you to configure the level of contrast and warmth of the display. That said, the default settings itself do look good, and you may not feel the need to make any significant adjustments. Features like “glove mode” are also available to increase touchscreen sensitivity, and there is also a “reading mode,” that reduces glare and makes the screen a lot easier on the eyes. It’s similar to how the flux application works for windows and mac, and you can even select which applications will trigger this feature.

Xiaomi Mi Note-2

Under the hood, the Xiaomi Mi Note packs a quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801 processor, clocked at 2.5 GHz, and backed by the Adreno 330 GPU and 3 GB of RAM. Apart from the amount of RAM, this processing package may seem a little dated given the advances in the last year, but it is still more than capable of easily handling intensive tasks.

Xiaomi Mi Note-27

General tasks like swiping, scrolling, opening, closing, and switching between applications, and navigating around the user interface is as expected, smooth, and the device can handle gaming comfortably without any issues. It has to be mentioned that the device did get uncomfortably warm though after playing games for a while, but there was no associated decrease in performance though.

Another noteworthy fact is that the device used for this review is a pre-production unit, and as such, there were some application crashes and random freezing that occurred because of the beta software on-board. Save for these instances, the performance is smooth and snappy, and these bugs will most likely be taken care in the final release units.

Xiaomi Mi Note-3

Coming to the rest of the hardware, the Mi Note packs the usual suite of sensors and connectivity options, including 4G LTE, but unfortunately with no support for US LTE bands. 16 GB or 64 GB of built-in storage is available, and without the availability of any expandable storage via microSD card, the latter of the two options is likely what most consumers will prefer.

Xiaomi Mi Note-8

The bottom mounted speaker does sound good, and the volume does get fairly loud. That said, its placement at the bottom results in side firing audio when using the device in landscape orientation, while also being fairly easy to cover up the speaker and muffle the sound with your palm when using it in this alignment.

When it comes to the battery, you get a respectable 3,000 mAh unit, but is just about average given the capabilities of the slew of other smartphones in this size category. Regardless, the battery life has been very solid during my testing. With usage consisting of mostly texting, web browsing, and checking social media, along with some light gaming and video watching on Youtube, I managed to squeeze out up to a day and half of battery life, with a little more than 5 hours of screen-on time. On heavy usage days that involved lots of gaming and taking photos, the screen-on time dropped to 4 hours, but still lasted the entire day.

Another contributing factor to this impressive battery life is the standby time, with the device losing just 1 to 2 percent of battery life overnight. If you are looking for more, battery saving profiles are available in the settings that disable Wi-Fi, data, and other network functions to help you extend battery life even further, and these profiles can also be set to come on automatically when battery life hits a specified percentage.

Xiaomi Mi Note-1

The Xiaomi Mi Note features a 13 MP rear camera, that comes with optical image stabilization and a dual tone LED flash, both features that are is not all too uncommon in smartphones nowadays. The camera UI is fairly simple to navigate and use, with a large white shutter button, and packing a decent number of features and modes without things getting too overwhelming.

Swiping upwards or to the right will bring up several different modes like manual, panorama, refocus, and a few others. Swiping downwards or to the left will bring up a variety of live filters, for those who want to have a little bit more fun with their picture taking. The exposure can also be dialed in manually by simply turning the digital ring on the screen, which is definitely a nice touch, and feels extremely intuitive. The refocus mode allows you to refocus a photo after the fact, which isn’t a groundbreaking feature, but does work pretty well, as long as you follow the guidelines of having a clear subject of focus and a clear background.

The overall picture quality was actually pretty good. The shutter speed is fast, and photos come out looking sharp with a great amount of color in both indoor and outdoor situations. The HDR mode also works really well on this camera, bringing back some detail while adding some extra warmth and color into the image. In low light, an increase in noise levels is to be expected, but the OIS and ISO limit of 3200 certainly helps the camera pull in as much detail as possible. While the images are usable, there is a pretty substantial decrease in sharpness and detail, but for the most part, this camera has been a great performer.

Xiaomi Mi Note-11

The front-facing camera is a 4 MP sensor, and for all you selfie lovers out there, it features a beautify mode that attempts to enhance your appearance by identifying your age and gender. It works well as far as the images quality goes, but somehow never managed to guess my age correctly.

Xiaomi Mi Note-29

In software, the Mi Note is currently running Android 4.4 Kitkat, with Xiaomi’s MIUI on top. As is the case with many other chinese OEMs and their custom operating systems, the MIUI interface does away with the app drawer, in favor of an all home screen experience, which means that you will be dependent on using folders as the only way to stay organized.

Xiaomi Mi Note-19

The icons are square and colorful, and so are the pre-loaded wallpapers, that actually look great on this display, without being gaudy or overbearing. In this review unit, there were a lot of Chinese applications pre-installed, and the Google Play Store isn’t available by default, but it was very quick and easy to install it and then download all the applications that I needed.

The MIUI interface introduces some really nice features, like Hi-Fi audio for improved audio quality when using headphones, and a robust theme engine that lets you alter the look and feel of the OS from the icons, wallpapers, lockscreen, and even the default applications. A one-handed mode is also available, that can be activated by simply swiping from the home button outward in either direction, to shrink the screen down from anywhere between 4.5-inches to 3.5-inches. Overall, the MIUI interface does bring a lot of nice additions to the core Android experience, even if its different nature may take some getting used to, and certainly isn’t for everybody.

Display5.7-inch IPS LCD
Full HD, 386 ppi
Processor2.5 GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 801
Adreno 330 GPU
Storage16 GB/64 GB
not expandable
Camera13 MP rear camera with OIS and dual LED flash
4 MP front-facing camera
ConnectivityWi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, WiFi Direct, hotspot
Bluetooth 4.1, GPS + GLONASS
microUSB 2.0
Networks3G / 4G LTE (only in select markets)
SoftwareAndroid 4.4 Kitkat
Battery3,000 mAh
Dimensions155.1 x 77.6 x 7 mm
161 grams

In China, the Xiaomi Mi Note is priced at the equivalent of around $370. This device hasn’t officially been released in the US, but can be picked up via eBay, which will set you back a comparatively steep $500 though.

Xiaomi Mi Note-25

So there you have it – a closer look at the Xiaomi Mi Note! To answer the question asked in the introduction, this device certainly proves that Xiaomi is more than capable of competing in the over crowded US smartphone market, and it is actually quite unfortunate that it won’t be officially available there. All in all, the Xiaomi Mi Note is one very solid device from hardware to software, and is one of the most enjoyable devices that I have had the pleasure of using from a Chinese OEM in quite some time, which is what makes the Xiaomi Mi Note worthy of our Editor’s Choice Award.

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    Oh well..I’d buy one

  • Me

    when are they going to make the US version?

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      Lol. Yeah right.

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    I already pressed “Never auto-play videos” like 300 times and it keeps on out-playing.
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    Does it have a removable battery?

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  • The Calm Critic

    A fine line here… Personally I think that non-GPL compliant Android OEMs’ devices shouldn’t be getting any sort of an Editor’s Choice recognition while I don’t fully disagree if the merits here are based solely on bang for buck user ROI. As a mostly closed play, Xiaomi’s problem right now is that they can’t seem to notch up more recent Android versions across their fairly limited board (if we’re to compare to say Samsung) while pissing off the vocal 10% in their user base.

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    • Airyl

      Isn’t that why they have MIUI? It’s not like Android 5.0 is actually useful to China, G services are all blocked there.

  • nebulaoperator

    LANH NGUYEN .”Bottom line 9.0″ This is joke right? How much Xiaomi paid to you?

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      They gave him a free phone to review. And got his Google Play login credentials in return!

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      Exactly what im thinking. 9.0 for this phone…. you guys are really undermining your scoring system here. I really hope they don’t keep this up.

      • nebulaoperator

        You know , I think they undermining readers intelligence. Appearently ,geeks can be corrupted too:)

        • simpleas

          Yeah, bummer. The review was unfortunately not deeply technical at all which bascially means, it comes down to his own personal taste. Which turned out to be a 9, which is not how a phone is supposed to be reviewed.

          • Vintersorg

            Are you joking? A review is OBVIOUSLY always someone’s personal opinion! That’s why you read the text and preferably read more than one review.

            With that said, I agree that this phone does NOT deserve a 9. Poor review overall as well. But I respect that he feels the way he feels about the phone.

          • BoardDWorld

            A lot of reputable people have had a similar response to the Note. It’s the complete package that very much distinguishes this device from others. I’ve purchased a 1 year old Mi3 to test before purchasing the Mi Note Pro when it’s available. The Mi3 alone with MiUI 6 is a worthy device. But this award seems premature with other expected devices including the Pro .

          • Airyl

            GSMarena is technical.

        • Airyl

          Seriously, what’s up with people saying this phone sucks?

    • MasterMuffin

      It has a menu button. A menu button in 2015. No Google Play or Lollipop (though MIUI is pretty nice). No US availability is the only downside?

      • Chong Wen Hao

        Google play will only be available for the outside China version, as usual. A menu button is to be expected as MIUI is very different from stock android.

        • John Elizondo

          You could install Google Play services from inside the Miui App Store

          • Chong Wen Hao

            I know. But this guy is complaining that it does not come right out of the box.

      • potato

        its a recents button one miui6

      • Anonymousfella

        I don’t get this scoring technique at all.

      • David Košič

        The international version comes installed with Google services. This is the Chinese version. The menu button I kind of agree.

      • Airyl

        Global ROM has Google Play. The menu button is actually a recent apps button.

      • Josh Halterman

        It acts as a recents button, even though it looks like a menu button.

    • BZ

      of course AA has been getting paid by Xiaomi, in fact Xiamoi has been paying a lot of american websites to give positives reviews for Mi Note. But seems like they paid AA a little more.

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          look up the “sponsored post” about how “great” xiaomi is

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            Where? And what’s wrong with the phone exactly?

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      Why? It’s not like the phone is bad.

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        Nope, but it’s far from “bottom line [big, fat] 9”

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          Big fat? Dude, I’m hurt. How could you? I’m self concious, y’know?

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  • Bill Perrotta

    Not a note tablet at all.

    No spen or even a stylus that’s passive like tegra
    Note 7.

    Galaxy note note taking is revolutionary.

    • n900mixalot

      As I was reminded, “Note” in China refers to phablets in general.

      • Bill Perrotta

        Maybe. But just one reason why I wouldn’t have compelling reason to buy it here. Also Xiaomis insistance on copying apples design.

        • n900mixalot

          Hey, I don’t disagree with ya. They’re pathetic. But hey, if people want the phone, I say let em get burned. It’s their money to spend. The Xiaomi forums are a hot mess of complaints about hardware failure, but who am I to stop people from throwing money at Xiaomi?

          • Mephisto Zap

            You’ve obviously never owned one before. I’ve had several different phones of Thiers and never had one problem. They make good quality phones for a fair price.

          • a548

            Xiaomi’s makes great quality devices i never ran in too any issues

          • Airyl

            But you’ve never used one. How can you possibly judge?

        • Airyl

          The Mi Note doesn’t exactly look too much like an Apple. The Mipad though…….

      • Airyl

        Yes, it does.

    • Me

      Does not need a stylus. I dont even use the one that came with my note 2

      • Bill Perrotta

        why did you buy it you should buy a galaxy s phone

        • Me

          Note 2 is bigger than galaxy s.

          • Bill Perrotta

            That’s fine if you don’t use it.

            The technology is going to waste though.

            If you are still using pen and paper.

            If I’m going on a trip I have less things to carry.

            Galaxy Note is a productivity tool not just a pretty phablet.

            The pen paper paperless electronic notebooks allow you to go paperless.
            Some people just buy it as a toy.

            It can be all things to all people so it sells well.

            For you it makes no difference but for people who use the spen it makes a world of a difference. An Lg g3 or 4 would work good for you also if you don’t use the spen.

          • Me

            No don’t need the pen. Just use my finger. I use it for work every day. More than the iPad I use for work.

          • Me

            Also the s is only 4″ while the note 2 is 5.5″ big difference

          • Bill Perrotta

            Guy if you don’t want to learn its up to you. IPad is an overpriced piece of garbage.

          • Me

            Note 2 came out before your lg’s did. As for the iPad it is garbage but supplied by the company.

          • Bill Perrotta

            Sorry for the harsh judgment. Bottom line is next time you need a physical notebook try your galaxy note instead. Great device once you get over the learning curve. Twice as productive as an iPad. All versions. I use the 8 tablet version.

          • Airyl

            NO shiet

          • Airyl

            Just take a picture. It’s faster.

      • Airyl

        Why’d you buy a Note?

        • Me

          Hmmm…. Screen size……Ummm……Processor….ummm…..expandable memory…..ummm….removable battery. What does it matter to you?

          • Airyl

            Just curious.

    • Airyl

      It’s not revolutionary, it’s basic. You can take notes with anything.

  • RedBullX

    Want to see the review of the Xiaomi Note Pro, Snapdragon 810, 4GB DDR4, etc…

    Comparison Xiaomi Note Pro vs Samsung S6.

  • The_Firm

    Cool, all the stolen IP and ideas by China accumulated to a decent Xiaomi phone. Grats!

    • n900mixalot

      Ya think?!?! That’s why they’ll never be able to sell anything here.

      • Todd Keen

        The day will come when you will beg for a Chinese designed and made phone. We will see who is laughing then.

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      WHAT? A postitive comment? *mindblown*

      • Geekhound

        Lol why? Its a pretty decent package for its price.

        • Airyl

          Look at these comments. LOOK AT THEM. Nobody seems to think this device is good. Except for me and you, I guess.

          • Geekhound

            Ohh! I see what you mean. Let them be blind.

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            And me ! ,Dont forget me !

  • diper07

    But the question is how much does it get heatup after playing games?

  • Hassan Salman Dita
  • jackgtf

    No S Pen/Stylus = not even close to a Note type of phablet. Two completely different types of devices.

    Also, a 9.0? Really? Come on now, who are you kidding?

    • Airyl

      Tell me, if it had a stylus, wouldn’t you be yelling “XIAOMI COPIED SAMSUNG” instead? Plus, Note is a general term for large phone in China.

      Also, can anyone tell me why this phone is so hated in the comments?

      • fortgeorge

        Didn’t know about the Note referencing any large phone in China. I suppose I assumed they were phablets everywhere. but the Note name completely means the same functionality as the Samsung Note to the US and probably most of the rest of the world and that term in China probably came from the Samsung Note’s popularity anyway. So calling it a Note implies many things besides a large form factor to a significant portion of the world and was most likely done to boost sales.

        As for the stylus, I wouldn’t mind it being copied, beats any aftermarket stylus and it’s essentially just a copy of the Wacom tablets used for many many years by graphics artists, Wacom is actually the technology behind the S Pen anyway and could license it to anyone they wish provided they aren’t locked in to a contract.

        I think the hate from the rest of the world where Note means and refers to a specific type of large phone that has many adapted functions and a lot of extra usability for the S Pen than just being a large phone.

  • Ivan Budiutama

    Usually when large screen phone review, tech sites and even Android sites will put “difficult to use one hand” as cons. but since Apple release their own large screen phone, all of sudden it’s not an issue at all. Guys, make up the mind, are we really following iPhone now? Because large screen have always been (and still) a pro/plus to me.

    • a548

      Large screen’s are pretty common these day’s. And What’s the point in making it a con when million or buying large screen Devices. You could opt for a smaller device if one handed use is important.
      I really love to see Xperia Z4 compact.My uncle’s fed up with his iphone 5s.
      MIUI 6 packs a one handed mode to make usable screen to just 3.5 or 4.5inch.

  • Sempet

    Oh nooo I just tested the software on it and it’s loaded with spyware nooo I better tell every Web site I can think of… Oh wait I wonder if it’s because I bought it for £50 off a Chinese street market no couldn’t be….

  • Theon

    How about the Mi Note Pro? When is its release date?

  • tamara andre

    That interface is god awful ugly, sorry. And how is this called a “NOTE” without a stylus? Seriously? The hardware is EARLY 2014 at best. I mean an 801 processor? The best part is that it lagged and the reviewer dismissed that as “early pre-production model” nonsense. Android Authority rated this as an editor’s pick? At more than 500 dollars US it simply doesn’t cut it. The specs don’t even compare well with the Note 3, much less the Note 4. The Note 3 has pretty much the same CPU and Adreno 330, but at least adds a Super Amoled, a stylus, and sd card removable battery.

    • Me

      Why does it NEED a stylus? I don’t use the one that came with my note2.

      • tamara andre

        Because the whole point of the WORD “Note” is the implication that there is a stylus. Are you an English speaker at all? A lot of people who buy any device named a “Note” will infer that there is indeed a stylus, pen of some sort. Otherwise its just an attempt to copy the Galaxy Note nomenclature.

        • Me

          Wrong. Note does NOT mean sylus or pen included. It refers to the SIZE. As in Notepad.

          • tamarexxe

            That is up for debate. I really don’t care what the Chinese call a NOTE as their translation of English words is at best a bit screwy. The languages are too dissimilar.

            What is not up for debate is that the technology behind this device is several generations behind the Galaxy Note and the price is a bit high for what you get. An Editor’s Choice rating is surprising and invites unkind speculation.

          • MaxPower

            The technology is the last available one, what are you taking about? The same specs of the HTC M8. The M9 is not on sale yet, or if it is it’s been a couple of days only.
            There is also a pro version of this one with a SD810 coming out next month

          • seattle tech

            What do you do with a notepad. You write on it.

          • Josh Halterman

            OOOOOH BURN!

          • MaxPower

            Or Notebook

        • BZ

          The word “NOTE” does NOT imply that there will be a stylus… Are you “an english speaker” ?? heck are you even a girl? or just another fanboy… ok that went to far but yeah “Note” does not equate to Stylus.

          • tamara andre

            To my mind, it most certainly DOES equate to Stylus. If it doesn’t have a stylus, it’s just a phablet. No need to call it a NOTE simply to garner interest from the Galaxy Note crowd. Kind of a dirty marketing trick, if you ask me. As for MaxPower, the technology is the 801 processor, which is certainly NOT the “latest available one”. And finally, not that it matters, I am a girl. Girls DO exist. And some of us are interested in tech issues. As for being a fanboy/fangirl, that again has nothing to do with the issue as I’m open minded. Unlike you lot who overlook marketing scams and consider an 801 processor as the latest tech.

          • BZ

            I’m just saying that having the word NOTE does NOT imply or even project the inclusion of a stylus at least not here in America. Also don’t put words in my mouth I never said that Xiaomi isn’t taking advantage of all the promotion Samsung has done for the Note2,3 and 4. OF COURSE THEY ARE!!! I’ll be the first to tell it like it is on how Xiaomi is just copies companies like Samsung and Apple. But still though.. the word NOTE does not give the impression that it will come with a stylus… it just makes them look desperate at the fact that they had to use that word to get attention from people. That’s it oh and thanks for making it clear that girls do exist because for a second i was starting to think that I had been going out with beings from a different race because the sure as heck were not men.

          • Airyl

            You’re incredibly close minded. A notebook doesn’t have a stylus. A notepad doesn’t have a stylus. And the word Note is synonymous with big phone in China.

        • Airyl

          No it doesn’t. There’s about 20 devices I can recall that have the word Note in their name but have no stylus.

    • Airyl

      But I love MIUI.

  • V-Phuc

    why is the “note” in their name? Sue them, Samsung! LOL. More seriously, what does this phone have to be comparable to the Note 3 or 4? Seriously, AA needs to be a bit more objective in their evaluation! A 9.0 score for a big phone?!!! So I take it that iPhone6+ and Nexus6 also deserve a 9 since they share the same (or bigger) screen size than this phone?!!! Seriously, guys.

  • Rushan

    Dear Android Authority, Why don’t you understand Auto Play is sucks….

    • Airyl


  • lofgren

    Having had one, no Xiaomi product deserves a 9/10

    As an android device, they lose too many points for:
    -the ‘different for the sake of it, but happy to copy apple’ Miui interface. It is locked down in subtle ways that soon piss you off.
    -not releasing kernel drivers – meaning no independent ROMs from XDA.
    -lacking the play store. Don’t even start me on the ability to hack/install from the Miui store. It is a shabby and inconsistent experience at best. Apps don’t install properly or aren’t compatible or never update automatically.

    They appeal to ‘thrifty’ fanboys who are happy to sacrifice (or don’t actually know better) the full android experience to save a few dollars.

    Never touching one again.

    • a548

      MIUI is now way locked and about kernel sources it does drive me nuts ,though MIUI’s great,it nice to have custom rom’s and kernels they didnt even release kernel sources for Mi3. They have been delaying.
      And about playstore it’s actually preinstalled in all countries except if you import from china.
      Xiaomi sells devices officially in india and we have playstore preinstalled.
      Even if you import from china it takes less than 30secs to install it.
      I never had inconsistent experience nor app crashes unless you are on miui 6 developer version.
      i bet you never used a Xiaomi product

    • Airyl

      – MIUI isn’t different for the sake of it, it’s actually got a lot of benefits over stock Android. It’s barely locked down, and anything you can do on stock can be done on MIUI.

      -Kernel sources are already out for most of their phones, and they’ve already promised to release the source for new devices three months after the device is launched.

      – Buy an international version. This isn’t even an issue.

      You bought the Chinese version, that had the Chinese ROM, created specifically for China, and you’re trying to judge the device just based on that? At least try to use something correctly before judging it.

  • James Theodore Retuya

    bullshit bigoted review and you know it. shame on you lanh.

    • Airyl

      Another one? Why does everyone hate this device so much?


    why tf are you all so mad sheesh….

    • Airyl

      That’s what I’ve been saying.

  • Wjdzm

    you guys gave Galaxy Note 4 a score of 9.0… something doesn’t add up here. or your scoring system is just fubar.

  • Pandu Nani

    who are going to buy a tab it will be the best option

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  • Josh Halterman

    Still worth it over a year later for ~$260? The SD801 is really old…. :-/ :-
    EDIT: Just a month or two ago I got a Blu Life One X (2016) and I’m not lovin’ the design. For some reason I’ve always loved phablets. BUT the lack of a fingerprint scanner is hard to justify since I can get a Redmi Note 3 or Honor 5X for less… EEEH I DONT KNOW! Lol anyways- suggestions?