(Update: available one week after launch) Xiaomi Mi 5 arriving in February with Snapdragon 820

by: Kris CarlonJanuary 18, 2016
Xiaomi Mi 5 Black 840px

The Xiaomi Mi 5.

Update, January 18: GizmoChina is reporting that Li Wanqiang has now confirmed the Xiamo Mi 5 will be available one week after its launch date. Based on the recently leaked Xiaomi Mi 5 launch, this means the Xiaomi Mi 5 release date will be around February 27.

Original post: The rumors have pointed toward an early 2016 launch for the Xiaomi Mi 5 for a while, but this has now been confirmed by one of Xiaomi’s co-founders, Li Wanqiang, on Chinese microblogging site Weibo. The Xiaomi Mi 5 is currently in mass production for a launch following Chinese New Year on February 8.


Li Wanqiang’s post on Weibo [translated]

We also now know for sure that the Mi 5 will be powered by the Snapdragon 820. So far all reports of the Snapdragon 820 have it being a huge improvement over the problematic Snapdragon 810, which crippled several of 2015’s major flagships. The Mi 5 will pack 4 GB of RAM and have 32 GB and 64 GB models.

Other rumors about the Mi 5 include full metal construction, fingerprint scanner, QHD display, a 16 MP primary camera and massive 8 MP front-facing camera along with a huge 3,600 mAh battery featuring Qualcomm’s Quick Charge 3.0 standard.

Interestingly, the Mi 5 is rumored to have a 5.2-inch display, cramming in a huge 565 ppi. Previously leaked price details have the device at the equivalent of $310 and $390 US dollars, but these prices are not yet confirmed.

Do you think the Mi 5 will become the next “fastest phone in the world”? Would you buy the Mi 5 if if came to the States?

  • Robert Johnson

    Will it have Android 6 out of the box? Will it have a micro sd card slot?

    • Karthik Babu

      No… it won’t come with MicroSD card support

    • Tajwar

      No (rather never), Xiaomis Mi line of products won’t ever support Micro SD expansion :-/

  • jerry

    And will it come to Europe? With proper LTE bands?

    • Shem68

      Doubtful… Europe isn’t exactly the priority of Xiaomi as far as I know :/

    • Пешо Пешев

      It will come to EU in some sunny day (no earlier than April) and with proper bands, but with bonus- €400+ price tag…

    • danw

      Most likely it will have all lte bands, but you’ll have to use a reseller

  • Goos

    It seems to be a real monster, a beautiful phone and a best buy for less than $400.

  • Nick Leong

    Tell me where I can get my hands on this

  • Xeo

    I hope that design will be more simillar to the redmi note 3 nor Galaxy s iphone

    • Karthik Babu

      Design looking like Galaxy s6 edge…

      • Airyl

        That’s not an official pictures.

        • Tajwar

          If this was gizchina the people there would know

        • Tajwar

          Althought I wouldn’t mind the design.

  • David

    As long as noone else then Motorola, Sony and Google see the need for front facing speakers, I will stick with them. I love Xiaomi, but seriosly, giving up user experience for design is never a good choice.

    • Mohammad Hussain

      Well I wouldn’t agree with you on the user experience part. MIUI had become my favourite UI in the past year cuz it is amazing! Everything works properly, no lag. Just my opinions GUYS.

      • David

        MIUI is great yes! I loved it in the days of my Galaxy Nexus, but I talk about the fact of a down or back facing speaker thats what I call a downside in user experience ;)

        • Ivan Budiutama

          speaking about priority, well maybe front facing speaker is important for some people. For me, front facing speaker, isn’t really my thing. I use headset all the time, in the office, I never use any speaker, since it is forbidden. At home, well, the roomate agreement rule no. 2,. stated “no speaker, use headset!”. That’s why I use bluetooth headset all the time.
          User experience is the king, IMHO, MIUI, while I don’t really fond with iOS-esque feel, but it is actually a lot better than some, let’s say Touchwiz for example (yes I tried S6 after 6 months, and it started to show its age, the only thing to fix the stutter is clearing the dalvik (and cache) or better use custom ROM).

  • Andrew White

    If I were in the market for a very powerful latest gen mid-priced handset, then yes.
    But my choice would need ‘best mutlimedia capability’ ( includes an SD card slot plus bluetooth 4.2) and this is not known or hasn’t been elaborated on.
    Is cutting edge worth double or triple this price by other manufacturers?
    For me yes.

    • Airyl

      It won’t have it. Typical Xiaomi.

    • Daniel Moraru

      Very good multimedia phone is Moto X Style. I own one. Gorgeous screen (although not OLED) , probably the most powerful speakers in Android world, SD card slot. Impressive phone for ~400 usd.

      • shreyans

        Most powerful speaker award goes to nexus 6p freaking 83 db

  • Cristian Borsa

    Wasn’t there a rumour that Xiaomi might launch its phones with stock Android in Western markets? Because if that ever happens, they will be very, very tempting, at least to the geek crowd.

    • Akira Tabuchi Yagui

      I don’t think they will launch an stock Android version ever… But you can install it if you want.

      Now, about the western markets… well, if they do, they will need to readjust their prices… (patents and stuff)

    • Dante

      that was about meizu

    • devilreaper

      They said they are gonna launch in western markets soon. So this is my speculation. The Mi4 had a windows 10 rom , so the mi might have a windows version. If they brought the windows version to the west, there will be no big patent disputes. It is highly unlikely that they will bring any phone with miui to the west.

  • saksham

    i hate xiaomi phones their software looks like iOS

    • Pavel Sikun

      Well, their software is not bad, but I hate that it takes years for them to update their phones to a next version of android -_-

      • Dante

        its depnding on what version you actually have , and they have lots of them for each device , in different zones

    • Dante

      then what do you like mate? touchwiz?

      • saksham

        yep touchwiz is way better but stock android is the best

        • neonix

          Have you ever actually used their software, though?

          • saksham

            i tried to use it on my friends phone shes got the redmi note

        • Dante

          you clearly got a third grade head commotion/are a samsung fanboy who owns a previous flagship that sucks , i know a lot of those people

          • saksham

            i own a galaxy s5 im planning to buy the s6 edge as prices drop a couple months later

          • Dante

            see ? just no need to be a fanboy right , lets chill mate and go to a store , test some phones and choose the one that suits you best , i know the feeling when there are a lot of people in your country using an iphone and those people feel like they are the king of the hill ( even tho i still wd buy every iphone that got released except the 4s)

          • saksham

            i really like the nexus 6p i tried at the chroma store … it will be my second choice after samsung u are right though i love samsung and i would die for them

            btw chroma = biggest tech retail in india

          • Dante

            Yea once i was a HTC fanboy , i bought a lot of flagships and didnt even bother to use them , i used only the htc ones (cuz really m7 was the best phone in 2013) but after some tries i really changed my opinion about them most of the companies want the atitude you have towards them (e.g. i would die for them) and you let yourself embraced in their horrid marketing schemes , its no better than apple , every device has its pro’s and cons

          • saksham

            what cons will the s7 have ?

          • Dante

            Im pretty sure the software will still be bad , if someone doesnt burn their whole software dept , i hope theyll improve the battery cuz its non removable and on s6 it was abysmal , i still hope they will also prevent burn ins on amoled screens , i aslo would want them to get rid of the front button and introduce an ultrasonic sensor but thats just a personal preference

          • saksham

            well then its software and battery … the battery will ofcourse be large enough to last the whole day on average use (most phones have the same situation) and samsung is working with google to make software faster

          • Dante

            man ill see , cant judge until its released . we can all speculate that in miraculous ways their software will becomw stock and the battery size will be bumped up to 6000 mah

          • Ismail Akram

            Price, Boring design(cuz its year old as iPhones) maybe software won’t be of my liking.. hope they improve fingerprint sensor and make it as fast reliable as on iPhone 6s. if S7 won’t bring Force Touch, it would be hell of boring device for users who already have S6 or Note 5.

          • saksham

            10% price cut confirmed , samsung working with google to optimise software , fingerprint sensor is just too fast on the iphone most ppl take that as a con coz u can see ur notification . the s7 will have the SD 820 which will have an antutu score of more than 100k and of course the s7 will have force touch

          • Ismail Akram

            Fingerprint sensor on iPhone is con? wow.. Fingerprint on S6/Note 5 is annoying that most people would prefer to turn it off.. I never lock my phone if I be honest and I hate entering passwords. but I hate entering my finger multi time.. that’s why I love Nexus 6P and iPhone 6S sensor they are accurate and reliable. that is what Samsung needs. S7 better have force touch. its so useful for me on iPhone 6s/plus makes life so easy(of course not everyone will use it but if you do and after sometime you’ll gonna love it and miss it on other phones)

          • Ismail Akram

            If HTC can improve its camera to the level of S7(which I guess will have awesome camera) and bring some new design it would look great. but still I thinks HTC can’t bring anything new to flagship.. Max I’m expecting from HTC new design, better camera(but not awesome one) and spec upgrade. that all I see coming from HTC maybe HTC surprise me but that don’t seem to happen.. in M9 for me only flaws were SD810 and Camera. else M9 looked more appealing to me than M8.

          • Dante

            The front bezels where horrible , and the design also became boring too

          • devilreaper

            get it online dude. Flipkart or amazon usually undercut Chroma by 3-5 k . But chroma offers a lot of freebees doe.

          • Ismail Akram

            Only good phone in small size is Galaxy S6/edge.. all other phones are big.. beside S6 edge update to Marshmallow will make it even better, Samsung is really working on Touchwiz making it flat and beautiful probably smoother too..
            I hate carrying iPhone and Samsung phone in my hands(they look good in pocket) cuz they are so not unique.. everyone have that. That’s why I love HTC cuz it was unique(now this year was bad for HTC) and same I think about Motorola Moto X.. I keep in my hands like I feels like people see it.. feels unique. but I don’t feel same about iPhone and Samsung. even if they are really great smartphones.

    • Kunal Narang

      MIUI is one of the most stable ROMs around. Yes, it takes inspiration from iOS but it adds more features to it (actually a lot). My dad uses Redmi Note 4G. It is an excellent device and I never experienced any lag. I’ve never liked TouchWiz but this year I was completely blown away by the scaled down TouchWiz of S6 Edge and S6 Edge Plus. If you’re looking for phones with best software experience, go for phones with Stock Android or Cyanogen OS. I use Cyanogenmod 12.1 on my device and love the features that it has.

      • saksham

        never experienced any lag on samsung devices .. i use only the flagships i had the s4 then note 3 now im currently usin the s5

        • shreyans

          I think you didn’t get what lag means, its not just stutters it is also neant by the slow performance, so far i felt touchwiz is not worth the price its not even giving anything extraordinary for its price and ui is kiddish way more than lg….

          My opinion

          • saksham

            never experienced slowdown either even after an year of using the s5 even when my internal memory was full btw i love the new look of touchwiz that came with the note5/s6 edge +
            i can experience that ui on my s6 edge :)

          • shreyans

            Do U even stock android ?????

            TW is so ugly it hurts my eyes even though i love teal there colour combinations is bad ; and they dont care for even few months old flagship. … worst oem apple>sammy

          • saksham

            well u shud better go away from this site then b4 android fans crush u

    • Ismail Akram

      and iOS is awesome.

      • Roberto Tomás

        I agree with that. I dislike iOS because it is a closed system, and it’s business model is the old model that stifles design and competition. But the software itself is pretty darn good.

    • duncan duncan

      Not even the software, this phone looks exactly the iphone6 + a bit Galaxy S6. XiaoMi also will launch 16GB, 64GB, 128GB which is clearly Apple strategy.

      I hate this brand, hate the copying cat.

  • Balaji Ch

    will it release in India ?

  • Avieshek Rajkhowa

    Hey, that’s Samsung just need to find a sticker. No wonder, Samsung is affected by crisis

    But I suppose, it will be a LCD display and not sAMOLED

    • jasonlowr

      It looks exactly like samsung + apple

  • Wolf0491

    I’ll probably still stick to my current phone. No problems so far. Not a fan of the button on the front. I will admit the price does make that super tempting. I also tend to keep buying phones with SD cards as well. I just keep tossing the same one in next phone and all my stuff is there.

  • svmtracking

    will do esp. with the new Mi band

  • Lars Lilienthal

    I tried contacting Xiaomi concerning the rumor on approach of western markets. They just told me to hang tight and wait for mi5 release.
    Has anybody inside information concerning LTE bands of upcoming devices (also redmi note 3 Indian version)?

  • Marco Lorenzo

    Grrr….I hope LG will give us some news soon about the G5. All these other companies are luring me away…

  • Kunal Narang

    Xiaomi have a winner this year. This will sell in millions!!

  • Silver Dynamite

    I am not sure of QHD though. Looks like a battery sucker.

  • handry alvon

    looks like samsung note edge.. lol

  • Btort

    Why do we always get news about this stupid company? If its not releasing in the western market, NOBODY CARES

    • AsterMK

      There’s a world of about 7 billion people outside of ‘MURICA.

      • Btort

        6.9~ billion people outside of it are irrelevant

        • blobface

          …. you know you can get products from overseas shipped right? We’ve been doing that for centuries, import and export is possible as a concept, both abstractly and physically.

          • Btort

            you sure can, but what’s the use of having a “flagship” phone for cheap if US carriers are only able to get HSPS+ which is not LTE speeds…

  • Bailey

    Love there phones even though I am a stock software fan. Miui for me is excellent and the fact that things get fixed once a week is a bonus. I don’t have a problem that there is no app draw and there hardware and audio is solid so very much looking forward to this phone.

  • Joe

    Definitely will buy it.

  • neonix

    Looks like they copied Samsung more than they copied Apple this time around!

    Not that I care much about that. I will definitely be considering one if it supports T-Mobile US LTE bands and actually turns out to have a 5.2″ screen.

  • MrcheGuev

    Well as a french user , i have to say that Miui rom is very well translated (thanks to the miui community ??) , other than that i’m really excited about this new Xiaomi Mi5 i just hope that the screen size will be lightly above those 5,2″ and also that the “borderless” or “bezelless” effect will worth it as it is awesome on Nubia z9 or on the Z11pics i saw…We’ll just wait one more month and see right after but yes i’ll surely be by the first ones to place an order to get one !

  • Ryan

    Looks good, like a lot of Chinese phones but I can’t bring myself to buy one unless it includes band 700 (28) for better 4G speeds in Australia.

  • Rohit Raja

    Xiaomi is on fire…buffering in all good phones before the competition , for this year…

  • Ruth

    Reviewww ?

  • DanG

    wonder if they would try to make a 007 version of Mi 6…

  • rheerani

    BTW that resolution is 2560×1440 probably…

  • Tony Brown

    Will we get it in the US?

  • Ray

    if the price is below 400$ then no one can stop me buying this phone..!! lol..!!
    awesome specs and a killer flagship..!!