Xiaomi Mi 5 launched: amazing specs, starting from around $300

by: Gary SimsFebruary 24, 2016

Xiaomi-mi-5-design5-aaXiaomi has launched its latest flagship smartphone, the Mi 5, at a global launch event during Mobile World Congress 2016. The event was held in conjunction with Qualcomm and the start time on the invitation was marked as 8:20, as a clue about the processor at the heart of the Mi 5. In case you didn’t get the clue, the Mi 5 uses the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820. Supporting the processor is 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM and up to 128GB of flash.

In terms of display the Mi 5 comes with a 5.15 inch Full HD 1080p display with a 16 LED light backlight technology which gives a brighter picture (600 nits) but that is 17% more power efficient. The Mi 5 will be available in 3 colors: Black, White and Gold and in three different models, a 32GB model, a 64GB model and a 128GB model.


The top of the line model with 128GB of flash, which Xiaomi is calling the Mi 5 Pro, comes with a ceramic back rather than the glass back like the other two models. The ceramic used is some of the hardest materials available and scores an eight on the Mohs hardness scale. For some context diamond scores 10 and steel 4.5!


For the first time Xiaomi has included a fingerprint reader on one of its devices and a home button. During the launch event Hugo Barra went into quite some detail about how Xiaomi invested a lot of time in adding a home button and fingerprint reader, but without compromising on the position of other components (like the camera) or without increasing the thickness of the device.

Talking of the camera, the Mi 5 comes with a 16MP Sony IMX298 sensor with PDAF autofocus and a pixel-to-pixel isolation technology to stop light bleed from one pixel to another. It also has 4 axis OIS, a first for a smartphone. On the front there is a 4MP front camera with large pixels, for better low light pictures.


The Mi 5 is just 7.25 mm thin and weighs just 129g. This is quite amazing when you consider that it contains a 3000 mAh battery. The battery support Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 and according to Xiaomi you can go from 0 to 80% charge in under a hour. In fact, just a 10 minute charge will give you enough power to watch a two hour movie!

As for software the Mi 5 comes with MIUI 7 based on Android 6.0 Marshmallow and it will receive weekly updates.

The price of the Mi 5 is quite amazing. The three models are priced at:

  • Mi 5 Pro – Snapdragon 820 (2.15GHz), 128GB flash, 4GB RAM, ceramic back: $360 (without sales tax), $410 (as direct conversion)
  • Mi 5 64 – Snapdragon 820 (2.15GHz), 64GB flash, 3D glass back: $310 (without sales tax), $350 (as direct conversion)
  • Mi 5 32 – Snapdragon 820 (1.8GHz), 32GB flash, 3GB RAM, 3D glass back: $265 (without sales tax), $305 (as direct conversion)


The good news is that those in China won’t have to wait too long to get hold of the Mi 5. It will go on sale on March 1st via mi.com. Next comes India and then after that other markets.

Here is a gallery of some of the images from the launch event:

What do you think, does a Snapdragon 820 device with 128GB of flash, 4GB of RAM, a ceramic back, 4 axis OIS and a 3000 mAh battery for around $400 sound good to you?

  • Sun Sand

    It also has “USB TYPE C” port which is great!

    • Ismail Akram

      Also it looks so great back is like s7 which is great. Price spec and design is very attractive

  • Brandon M

    that’s definitely a good buy

    • Ismail Akram

      Yes damn starting price is really awesome for all these stuff and also uts looker

  • Emmanuel

    great prices for what they offer.

    cant help notice, at a glance, you’ll be forgiven to think this is a note 5.

    • Mark Buhagiar

      Not necessarily a bad thing eh? :)

  • shreyans

    S7+xperia+ios+CM=miui+ MI5

    This will the first flagship from xiaomi with calibre to shake the market with high price in india , as they are just known for $200-300

    I would have bought this if i hadn’t had zenfone 2

  • Mark Buhagiar

    Just $*** my pants!!! This is the kind of quality devices needed right now!!! I can only LoL when comparing this to the S7/G5… Only thing missing is a larger 6inch version for those that prefer a larger screen experience and they have a game changer… It will be this or the P9Max for me…

    • napoleonic sp007rz

      6 incher QHD display with 4000+ mah battery would be my dream.

      • Mark Buhagiar

        I wouldn’t be so keen on a QHD display… i mean honestly the difference is nothing next to the difference you get in running time… an once u’re at the 6 inch size that battery would last for 3 days a pop :)

        • saksham

          u my friend are wrong as fuck

          • Doofey

            i agree with saksham.when you wear VR you’ll be like fml.

          • jacker

            Not only that but Xiaomi in particular is infinite times better than Samsung or LG when it comes to software support. xiaomi mi5 and mi 5 pro ( 4/128GB ) pre-sale on Nextbuying

      • Ichibanmugen

        you could get a note 4 and get a large battery for it. otherwise Huawei has the Mate 8 with 4000mah battery but lower res.

    • Dusan

      These are some killer specs for a killer price! Unfortunately I already have S6 Edge+ so I’m not in the marked for a new phone, but if they keep this up, I will be getting one of those Chinese brands, provided the software is up to date. I mean, c’mon, that’s HALF the price of Galaxy S6/S7 Edge.

      • Tajwar

        Xiaomi’s MIUI has both monthly (stable) and weekly (developer+root) updates.

    • Faheem Ahmed

      i wish someone gift me a xaiomi :(

  • metaimago

    Did they launched also a new powerbank or some new Mi band ??

    • shreyans

      Mi band 1s is out in leaks i saw months back and mi 4s is the new phone they have launched

    • devilreaper

      No man. The mi band 1s has been in the market for quite some time now. It is just a heartbeat sensor added to the mi band 1. The band 2 is still in development I think. I saw some article where they said it has a display or something. Will try to add a link man.

      • metaimago

        thanks! I was hoping that they do that today with some new “gadget” too


    Great job from Xiaomi. Can’t wait for some reviews.

  • Leonardo Pratama

    So, what’s the purpose of mi4s ($260) being launched today?? Only $5 difference compare to mi 5.. But anyway, I am happy with Mi5!!

  • strupper2003

    my next phone

  • digitaldr

    Would prefer a larger screen.

    • shreyans

      Then prefer larger battery drain too :p

  • Pez Smith

    I’m in for the pro … can’t wait.

  • Tengku Izzuddin

    Omg the price tag….

  • Rafael Magalhaes

    missing 2k screen, but i’m soldd

    • balcobomber25

      2k screen would be a waste on a device this small. You won’t notice a major difference and it would be a resource hog.

  • Aadil

    Come on AA, what the hell. Fix the prices. Google the conversion, you are about $50 too low.
    @gary sims

    • AP

      Maybe those RMB prices are inclusive of taxes?

    • The RMB prices include sales tax at 17%, the $ prices don’t.

      • Aadil

        Well if you are converting the RMB prices, why not give the correct picture and right the final prices.

        • eh? I don’t understand… The picture is from Xiaomi’s presentations and shows the prices in RMB. During the presentation Hugo Barra stated the prices are in RMB with sales tax and then he quoted the equivalent prices in USD without sales tax. In my article I clearly state that prices are without tax and then when I quote the RMB I include that they are with tax).

          What would be the correct picture (since the picture came from Xiaomi)? And what would be the right final prices?

          • Aadil

            I didn’t mean “the image”. It was rhetorical.
            I understand what you are saying, but it would be easier for the readers and would have been easier for you guys as well (less words) if it was just the equivalent prices in USD. Of course when someone will order the phone from China they will be paying the sales tax so why even remove it.
            Huga Barra converted it in such a way as a marketing ploy.
            Well whatever suits you guys better, but after looking at all these comments I would advise adding the taxes as well.

          • Except that when Xiaomi launch this device in other markets (like in Indian) then the sales taxes will be different.

          • FYI… I clarified the price conversations as some other people found it confusing as well, so my bad I guess.

          • Aadil

            Thanks for understanding.
            BTW Indian sales tax is roughly the same as China so it wouldn’t have mattered. Everyone understands they have to pay some premium unless they buy it from China.

    • balcobomber25

      The $265 is the price it is sold for in the Chinese market, the other prices are the price + Chinese sales tax (international buyers).

      • Aadil

        You misunderstand, look at the writer’s response below. That’s the price without any sales tax for local customers.

        • balcobomber25

          That’s exactly what I said…..

  • Leif Nielsen

    If this doesn’t ship globally, heads going to roll :-)

    • balcobomber25

      There are dozens of Chinese online stores that will ship it anywhere in the world.

      • Leif Nielsen

        Yeah, but I’m primarily looking for someone shipping to Danmark, without having to worry about custom regulations i.e. shipment from within the EU

        • balcobomber25

          Gizchinashop is your friend then they have an EU warehouse.

          • Leif Nielsen

            You just officially became my hero :-D

            Thanks :-)

          • balcobomber25

            No problems. That shop is backed by one of the top sources for Chinese phone news.

        • jermert

          Check out gearbest then. They have a warehouse based in the UK. No custom problems when ordering from there

  • Don Draper

    My S6 is still doing all good, but damn! If I had to get a new one, I’d definitely go for that one!! The price for that kinda quality is fabulous!

  • Ichibanmugen

    Will the bootloader be unlockable? I’ll be waiting for Phablet from them with 2k screen and I’ll be sold! :)

    • Jino Joy

      Yeah; Its a dev friendly fone; A lot of devs r there for xiaomi phnes

      • Ichibanmugen

        That’s nice to hear. I’m confused. Either Meizu or Xiaomi was making it harder and harder to unlock the bootloader.

        • Mark

          Unfortunately it is xiaomi that are making it harder to unlock the bootloader. Let’s see if this continues with the mi5.

          • Ichibanmugen

            I hope they’ll back down a bit. but let’s just wait and see..

          • Jino Joy

            If u really wish to buy a dev phone; try YU phones like YUtopia, they r so dev friendly, simple fastboot commands to unlock bootloader, can do all stuffs still will get full warranty!

    • Tajwar

      They do this because resellers install adware and crapware on the phones before shipping them which makes the experience a bad one, it was bound to happen someday.

      • Ichibanmugen

        So if the resellers repack them after screwing up the phone wouldn’t this be obvious from the packaging? If Xiaomi was concerned about this they should use a proper seal on their boxes.

        • balcobomber25

          It’s incredibly easy for a reseller to reseal it. This is China we are talking about where they can clone just about anything. Like these awesome Pama shoes!

          • Ichibanmugen

            Haha I’m aware of that and fake brands, someone in Holland changed the Puma shirt logo to Bana..

            still if they have a “special” seal the buyer would know if it has been tempered with or not.

          • balcobomber25

            The problem is creating a special seal that can’t be copied or cloned by resellers. And at some point you have to wonder how much that would add to Xiaomi’s overall costs. It’s more cost effective for Xiaomi to just lock down their software like they are doing.

        • Tajwar

          They put them when you request Multi-language ROMs if I’m not mistaken.

  • Pedro Capello

    I need those wallpapers

  • James Benedict Matthews

    Holy f**k! The value on this is unbelievable! I thought their Redmi Note 3 and 3 Pro were unbeatable value, but this phone surely trumps that and will be the bang-for-the-buck champion. My next phone, I hope.

  • Cao Meo

    review is wanted…
    and camera comparison with s7 and g5

  • aaloo

    I cringe at the thought of finger print readers on android phones. Disaster waiting to happen.

    It’s astounding how Chinese manufacturers essentially release the same hardware as the big android guns for half the price. Apart from brand loyalty, I don’t k ow why personally I would buy a device from a big android OEM when I can get the essentially the same hardware for half the price.

    • balcobomber25

      Not only that but Xiaomi in particular is infinite times better than Samsung or LG when it comes to software support.

    • Ryan B

      I sit here asking the same thing. I am not trying to be sarcastic when I ask it but, “Why can Xiaomi sell phones with these kind of specs, but LG and Samsung(I mention them because they are the most widely known) don’t and sell something similar spec-wise for 1.5-2x more?” Is it greed on the part of LG/Samsung? Is Xiaomi getting some special deal on parts? I am genuinely curious.

      • Hartfrid Lovejoy

        Xiaomi claims they are not making any profit on the devices and are instead using the software and peripherals for monetisation. Also, right now they just want to increase their market share at the expense of not making any profit or even losing money.

  • What about the DAC, ear piece and loud speaker quality and loudness levels?

  • Fred

    Allo OnePlus!? Allooooooo… That is a 2016 flagship killer.

    • TommyLau

      true dat, had to buy oneplus 2 tho because i waited like 2 years for the mi5…

      • balcobomber25

        I had to buy a Xiaomi Mi4 because I waited 2 months for a OnePlus invite and then gave up.

  • Nickname303

    The title of this article is wrong. You say “amazing specs starting from $360”, but then in the article you say that the prices start from $265

    • balcobomber25

      $265 is the retail price if you buy it directly from China (which isn’t possible with Xiaomi unless you go to China), outside of china it is $305 roughly (1999 yuan). On resellers it will be around $380-400.

  • Mario I/O

    That button is so damn ugly!

    • Nickname303

      Are you sexually attracted to buttons or something? How can a button be ugly?!

      • Mario I/O

        I don’t like the chromium plating.

        • Nickname303

          Ahhh I see :)

          I prefer phones that don’t have a physical home button. This looks like a promising phone though

      • balcobomber25

        Phones can be sexy ;)

  • WTF

    i used xiaomi 4 before i changed to mate8, i still use my mi4 and its working perfectly fine, im laughing at all the chinese around me who flash their crappy iphones claiming its “better”,
    EVEN if android having a shorter life than iphone was true, phones evolve so fast nowadays, if my android lasts for 2 years then id get a huge upgrade after that time, while my friends are stuck with their terrible iphones that are inferior to androids yet cost 3/4 times as much

    xiaomi, huawei and other chinese manufacturers are miles ahead of apple right now.

    • shreyans

      I will say only xiaomi and oppo are the ones who are the game changers , xiaomi never minds to try aomething new and oppo never minds to make something new(smArt camera sensors and terribely quick charging )

      I still recommend apple to people who are rich rather than samsung , i hate samsung the most for the ui , updates and price

      I am using zenfone 2 and prefer it over one plus, huawei , and any other company except motorola , xiaomi and yu(indian company and gives CM)

      Who wants costly shit when you can get gold for cheap

      • Dusan

        Apple fanboys buy that shit for status and because “it looks good” (while in fact it looks like crap).

      • balcobomber25

        I recommend Apple to people who aren’t good with phones and don’t want to do any work, they are the easiest to use. But people who want the phone to be all their own, it’s Android all the way. Not Samsung though, their UI is terrible and they are overpriced.

        • Tajwar

          “Terribly overpriced”

    • Ichibanmugen

      Whats the battery life like on the mate 8? has the software been improved from release?

  • BigD

    The fact they didn’t mention LTE bands means crippled LTE support… They won’t go international this year I guess :/

    • balcobomber25

      They already have support for most international LTE networks. I think you mean no US LTE. Xiaomi phones use the LTE bands that are the most popular in the world.

      • DDD

        Which would be?

        • MaxPower


        • balcobomber25

          The Redmi Note 3 (most recent Xiaomi model) included the following LTE Bands: 1, 3, 7, 38, 39, 40 and 41. 1, 3 and 7 are the most used bands in the world.

  • TheDude

    Aw snap, debating time’s over, found my baby.

  • Adrb

    It’s not the first time Xiaomi puts a fingerprint reader on its phones, see Redmi Note 3.
    It is the first time its puts the fingerprint reader on a home button.

  • Acaa Aca

    nice phone for the price. it looks like samsung at first look. the curved back and from button.

    • caur19

      yeah it is, but samsung first implemented curved back since note 5 but xiaomi did that with mi note pro early 2015.

  • Gangsta101

    Is there anyway to take out the Miui stuff and just flash vanila android? This phone looks like the S6 with extra muscle (820)

  • Oladipupo Fakiye

    Where is the Hands-on for this bad boy? Please make one soon

    • caur19

      i want to know what josh gonna say about this phone…xd

      • Oladipupo Fakiye

        Me too. I might buy this to replace my moto x pure

  • Hasitha Prabash

    when will it be available for international buy?

    • Ichibanmugen

      Aliexpress? :D

      • Hasitha Prabash

        Want to buy the original mi5 pro.
        Can’t wait till it will be available.

  • caur19

    damn xiaomi, damn. first Mi 4C SD 808 For 220$, then Redmi 3 with SD 616 for only 100$. but SD 820 for less than 450$… good lord for that kind of specs and pricing can’t argued if xiaomi claim shipping more than 70 millions phone in 2015. especially for their biggest market in china and india.

    • Tajwar

      And Xiaomi Redmi note 3 pro with sd650 250$(more or less)

      • MaxPower

        He was mentioning retail price.
        So the Redmi Note Pro is $150-$180

  • Latheryin

    Locked bootloader and fingerprint scanner? No thanks not really trusting that. Let alone from a country that is sadi to be tied in with the China military. Not like they will be sold in the states anyway .

    • balcobomber25

      “from a country that is sadi to be tied in with the China military” What country isn’t tied in with their own military?

      The locked bootloader is so retailers won’t add in their own adware and bloatware. Fill out a form on the MIUI forums and you can get it unlocked. People on the Chinese phone forums and friends of mine who have the Note 3 are reporting it takes 7-10 days to get it unlocked.

      • Latheryin

        They are also denying the unlock if you want to run something other then their software. There is a diff between many military and the China’s The is a reason that this OEM is banned from being owned or used by many US government employee.

        • balcobomber25

          China’s military is like every other military in the world. If you think the US military is squeaky clean you have some deep denial or you’re just uninformed (and this is coming from a US Navy veteran). The military exists for a reason.

          Xiaomi has never applied for or been denied US Government contracts. That is Huawei you are thinking of. Xiaomi isn’t officially sold in the US and never has been. And the ban was for official contracts, the US government can’t legally ban it’s employees from owning a phone, they can prevent them from using it in secure locations but that’s about it.

          • Latheryin

            Oh I am fully aware. (US Army vet) I know they are not fully clean.

            They can as now you can BYOD. I had to take 5 guys out for new phones after they were found with the mi4. I guess you could own one if you never use it for anything to do with your job and leave it at home (off base).

            You are right they have never been sold in the US and that could come from copyright issues that they know they will be hit with. It is already rumoured that Apple and Samsung are both waiting for them to try to release in the states.

            You have to understand that there are things that are legal in China for OEM to inlcude in their devices that just dont fly in the states. Mainly all the services that MIUI have that report back to China based servers and back up stuff to the same servers.

            Take my most recent employer, The only devices allowed to be used with their network is Apple, Samsung and BB. Other then that you get a company owned BB issued. This was due to security concerns. Which is becoming more and more a big deal.

            Dont get me wrong I hope they can smooth things over and get their act together but I lost hope in that long ago with this OEM.

          • Anon

            you forgot to mention the fact that after all the hoohaa the US gave shit to huawei for, no proof nor evidence has ever been given to show that huawei has any backdoors or surveillance built into their devices. not even today.

            ironically, edward snowden proved that the NSA build backdoors into huawei’s products and exploited them instead. heh

          • Latheryin

            Actually if you look at any of the stock software from either company they are both filed with malware and apps that report back to servers in China. Which is a huge issue.

          • Anon

            no they dont. you are lying. lenovo had superfish once eons ago on their laptops and that’s it. that isnt even reporting anything back to servers in china.
            you think the european governments would allow that to happen? these chinese products are very popular in europe.

          • Latheryin

            Think I’m lying? Why don’t you check out the forums. There are thousands of reports of things being installed on their own. Things built into the system that can’t be removed.

            As for Xiaomi It is well known and admitted that they do it. They use the excuse of it is for their services that is built into miui.

            You really have no idea what you are talking about.

            The government’s have no control over it as these devices are sold on line. (xiaomi) Why do you think they are not sold in the states and both companies are banned from many government employees.

            So before you call someone a liar make sure you know what you are talking about.

          • Anon

            of course i do know what im talking about.
            people who buy from shady resellers have their software tweaked by the resellers to install their apps for profit. this is why xiaomi locked their bootloader. to prevent people from tampering with the software. buy it straight from xiaomi or a reputable reseller and there will be no problems. btw, they checked. xiaomi was telling the truth. it was sending requests to the mi cloud to xiaomi’s servers much like google play services or icloud.

            “The government’s have no control over it as these devices are sold on line. (xiaomi) Why do you think they are not sold in the states and both companies are banned from many government employees.”
            protectionism and unfair trade policies. the US has always been the strongest advocate for the free market, until it starts to lose. this shouldnt be news by now.

          • Latheryin

            The devices were bought directly from the oem. It’s not a matter of shady resellers. Just look at one the oem that just made an agreement to pre install one of the worst malware apps. CCleaner

            The main diff is that many things that are legal in other countries is not legal everywhere. Take china’s right to monitor everything their people do. This is ok in China but not in the states.

            You bought that from Xiaomi? Lol. They locked the bootloader because they didn’t want people loading non miui software on it. This was proven by an email they sent when someone requested the unlock for the bootloader to remove miui. They told him no because it would hurt their bottom line.

            Buying directly from them is hit or miss as customs has a habit of stopping them due to copyright infringement.

            There is a reason China companies are not trusted. They have earned the distrust. I hope this changes bit it will be a whole before that happens. As long as they keep going the way they are they will never been seen as anything more then copycats.

          • Anon

            “The devices were bought directly from the oem. It’s not a matter of shady resellers. Just look at one the oem that just made an agreement to pre install one of the worst malware apps. CCleaner”
            is this a joke? nothing wrong with CCleaner at all. i invite you to google CCleaner. the owner of CCleaner is Piriform which is from the UK. what are you smoking?

            “The main diff is that many things that are legal in other countries is not legal everywhere. Take china’s right to monitor everything their people do. This is ok in China but not in the states.”
            tell that to the NSA.

            “You bought that from Xiaomi? Lol. They locked the bootloader because they didn’t want people loading non miui software on it. This was proven by an email they sent when someone requested the unlock for the bootloader to remove miui. They told him no because it would hurt their bottom line.”
            source please.

            “There is a reason China companies are not trusted. They have earned the distrust. I hope this changes bit it will be a whole before that happens. As long as they keep going the way they are they will never been seen as anything more then copycats. ”
            remember when japan were copycats? remember when the US were copycats? the US outright stole textile technology from england. you wanna go there? going to the moon? that would not be possible if the US did not steal v2 rocket tech from the germans. this could go on forever. grow up already.

      • Tajwar

        People never Google before writing sigh….

    • rly?

      tied with the military ? what is this even supposed to mean? keep buying that overpriced US garbage that is made in china anyway lol
      anyway if US marines stormed apple HQ to get their hands on their data you think apple wouldn’t just give them whatever they wanted?

  • Tajwar

    It isn’t the first xiaomi with Fingerprint scanned the Redmi Note 3 is although it is the first home button mounted one.

  • Tajwar

    Will the AA team have an hands-on or they f*ing don’t give a shit?

    • balcobomber25

      If they do it will be like the MX5 review where they praise every part of it and then give it lower scores because it’s not a Moto.

  • balcobomber25

    For many on here Xiaomi might be a foreign brand or something you have never heard of. Two of us posting here have a lot of experience with Chinese phones, if you have any question you can ask myself (I have owned multiple Xiaomi’s and dozens of other Chinese phones) or Tajwar.

    • DDD

      How’s build quality? I usually keep my phones for at least two years and would hate to see it falling apart after a year.
      They say these devices would get weekly updates, but do they usually update the Android version?

      • Anon

        xiaomi’s build quality is top notch. 10/10. doesnt lose to apple or samsung at all.

      • balcobomber25

        Build quality is excellent on Xiaomi phones. Every Friday MIUI (Xiaomi’s software) will get an update of some kind, sometimes small, sometimes large. They do upgrade to the newest Android and they usually support devices for a few years. The latest MIUI Verison 7 is based on Android 6.0.

        • caur19

          how about battery quality with xiaomi flagship man, is there any issue i’ve got Gnex and G3, G3 got terrible battery changed it twice in 2 years all original battery. and i think this time my flagship will be chinese phone.

          • T

            i used mi3 for 2 years or so, still carry it with me everyday, battery is doing just fine. of course it depends on how you use your phone and where, when i go on a trip and know that i wont be able to charge my phone for a long time then i just bring my mobile mi battery in my backpack and it solves everything. in generl my mi3 battery lasts for about 9 hours of rather prolonged use.

  • Markoff

    not many Chinese will touch these phones in March so don’t be jealous, the real availability will be maybe in autumn, until then they will just release few pieces until all components will be cheaper

    it’s same with all of their products, they release few pieces which are bought by scalpers selling them for markup, had same experience when I was buying their purifier, wanted cheaper second gen but it’s impossible to buy so just bought pricier first gen instead of paying almost same money for worse second gen with same price from resellers

    • Maciek Buczkowski

      Xiaomi was reportedly preparing the first batch for months now to avoid it. Of course many will be sold to resellers, but thy suppose to meet the demand and have built big stocks of the devices.

      • Markoff

        keep dreaming,I can bet my money it will be same as with any other device, flash sale of few pieces sold out within minute and then the retards will be showing off how popular it is

        • Anon

          they are ranked 4th in smartphone sales globally behind samsung, apple, and huawei. xiaomi sells more phone than LG, Sony, HTC. they ARE popular

          • Markoff

            and how does it contradict what I wrote that their actual sales are always many months later after official release of few pieces?

          • Anon

            the fact that your point is purely anecdotal.

  • M42

    Hope it comes to North America.

  • saksham

    these chinese OEMs are murdering companies with silencer guns

  • rocketryan

    Looks a lot like an s7 , not a bad thing. Getting a lot of phone for the money , shame they always end up so pricey when they get to the uk

  • Jason Wilson

    So….can I use this phone here at home stateside? How can I see if it supports T-Mobile LTE bands? Is it stock Android? Is it even in English?

  • Hartfrid Lovejoy

    Is AA sponsored by Samsung/LG? All I read on this website about the S7/G5 while in fact this is what people should be writing about and how it kicks Samsung/LG’s butt at a fraction of the cost.

  • Joe

    Time to upgrade from Mi3 to Mi5

  • Myself

    Too much wannabes commenting with little knowledge to support their bravados. First of all, the actual trend is towards the smaller phones, not larger. Why do you think apple is winning so many people over when their phones are just about incompatible with everything on Earth? Can’t open a simple pdf, for example, if sent in an email. Second, a 15 cm screen would draw so much power out of the battery, it would hardly last a full day, not three days as some genius stated below. And it would have to be a gigantic battery too, which translates into more weight to carry around in hand or a bag, for 15cm screen isn’t going into any of your pockets.

    Phones should be max 11cm long to be able to fit into a pocket and still provide a large enough a screen for comfortable viewing. Anything bigger, look for a tablet with a phone built in.

  • Laurentiu Mateciuc

    I want 2 pieces. ….

  • Fadi Toumi

    It sounds like the perfect phone.
    The only disadvantage is the OS … MIUI ruins Android.

  • What’s the grand fuzz about Ceramic iPhone 8 being revolutionary all over the internet.

    Xaiomi’s already doing it at ~$300s, lmao!
    (laughing my ass off, these iSheeps will always remain with oohs & aahs)