Xiaomi Mi 4 sold out in 15 seconds in India today

by: Robert TriggsFebruary 10, 2015

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Continuing with its expansion plans, Xiaomi launched its flagship Mi 4 smartphone in India today through popular ecommerce site Flipkart. The 16GB Xiaomi Mi4 went up for sale today, as promised, while the 64GB model is set to arrive on February 24th.

The 16GB variant is priced at a modest Rs.19,999 ($320) but appears to only be available in white at the moment. It’s also worth noting that after the operating system and software, you will be left with 13GB of memory left to use. If you want a little more space and can wait a couple of weeks, the 64GB Mi4 will retail for Rs.23,999 ($385).

You’re not alone if that sounds like a tempting offer. Flipkart has already sold out of the 25,000 units made available through its website. The Mi 4’s stock lasted only 15 seconds, according to Xiaomi’s Hugo Barra, and over 300,000 customers had pre-registered for the launch.

Despite originally being announced last summer, the Xiaomi Mi 4 still holds its own against other high-end smartphones on the market. Packing a 2.5GHz Snapdragon 801 processor, 3GB of RAM, a 5-inch 1080p display, 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front facing camera, and Xiaomi’s Android 4.4.4 based MIUI 6 ROM, the Mi 4 is a very reasonably priced flagship.

Speaking of Xiaomi, the Redmi 2 is set to launch in Taiwan on February 12th, but there is no word yet on if or when this handset will arrive in India. A flash sale for its Redmi Note 4G phablet will be held at 5PM IST on Tuesday for Indian customers.

Those who missed out on today’s opportunity to grab a Xiaomi Mi 4 can register for another flash sale at 6PM IST today. If you’re undecided about the Mi 4, be sure to take a look at our in-depth review.

  • Aditya Bhatt

    More than half of the people who bought were scalpers.

  • Wjdzm

    Why do chinese companies use this “scarce” tactic.

    • MasterMuffin

      Most smartphone companies tend to do this these days. “X sold out in Y seconds/minutes” and up goes the stock price and/or fame

      • TrueWords

        exactly….This creates free publicity and hype among the consumers.

  • gamechanger

    wow. Is this a world RECORD ???? SOLD OUT IN JUST 15 SECONDS !!!!

    • Kalpesh Fulpagare

      Sold Out = Just added to the cart on website

      So all the MI4(25000) were added to the cart by users in 15 seconds.
      Now its choice of end user whether to actually purchase it or not.
      Lots of people just add it to cart as the mobile goes out of stock in seconds. After adding to cart, they try to sell it at higher price, you can read above comments.
      Actual sold no is different. Many users don’t purchase it and Xiaomi never had announced that number and it won’t in future as well.

  • Jaydeep

    Xiaomi MI4 @ 19999 no extra money. Mo :: 9909701566

  • Vinay

    MI 4 in my cart. contact 9870653413

  • Sachin Jain

    i have mi4 in my cart anybody interested can call me on 8890820939