Xiaomi has continued its expansion into all-things-consumer with the launch of its MVNO network “Mi Mobile” in China. The first OEM to launch a carrier, Xiaomi’s mobile network is offering 3GB of LTE data for RMB 59 – which is under $10 – if you sign up to a monthly plan.

Unlike its mobile products, Xiaomi’s MVNO is only operating in China and if you’d rather have a pay as you go option, the company are offering a flat rate charge of RMB 0.10 per minute, SMS or MB of data. On the pay as you go plan, 3GB data would cost RMB 300 so if you’re a heavy data user, the monthly package may be better value for you. To cater for the range of mobile devices, every Mi Mobile SIM is triple-cut, so it can work in any handset that takes a full size SIM, micro SIM or nano SIM card.

The MVNO has just launched and naturally, there’s a lot of questions being asked, including whether you can sign up as a foreign visitor, whether you can reload packages using a non-Chinese credit card and whose network the MVNO will run on. Others have asked whether the network will launch outside of China and at least in this questions, Xiaomi’s mobile strategy suggests they will eventually aim to open the MVNO up in other countries.

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September 10, 2015

What do you think of Mi Mobile and do you want to see it launch in your country? Let us know your views in the comments below guys!

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