Last year, Xiaomi rocketed into the big leagues in the smartphone industry and has quickly managed to replicate this success in the wearables market, noting an 815 percent increase in shipments over the past twelve months, according to IDC research.

Xiaomi entered the market with its inexpensive Mi Band fitness tracker and has just followed up with its Mi Band 1S and new Pulse model, which includes heart rate monitoring capabilities. Despite selling more than 97 percent of its wearables in China, the company has leapt into third position in the world rankings for quarterly wearable shipments. China has emerged as one of the fastest growing wearables markets.

Despite Xiaomi’s huge growth, FitBit remains the most popular wearable brand with a 22 percent market share and 4.7 million units shipped in the last quarter. The company has seen its shipment volume double since the same period twelve months ago, but the company’s market share has fallen from 32.8 percent last year as new players have entered the arena.

Apple has also seen its Watch shoot the manufacturer into second place in the wearable market. A position that the company has held since the second quarter. Garmin has also seen strong growth of 72 percent over the year, and the overall size of the wearables market has gone from 7.1 million to 21 million shipments between Q3 2014 and Q3 2015, almost tripling the market’s size in the space of a year.

There isn’t a single Android Wear manufacturer in the top five, however a number of new releases didn’t arrived in time to make an impact on the Q3 figures. Furthermore, the Android Wear ecosystem is very diverse and we don’t have a combined percentage or breakdown of Android Wear devices that make up the large “others” section. Samsung, which is focusing on its Tizen OS for wearables, just missed out on the number five spot to BBK subsidiary XTC by 100,000 units. However, holiday demand for its Gear S2 watch could see the company regain its number 5 spot.

It seems that fitness trackers are still the most popular wearable type this year, although both segments are seeing growth. Given that the average smart watch costs just over $400 and the typical fitness band costs just $94, low prices seem to be a decisive factor for the majority of consumers.

Robert Triggs
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  • DanDanDaCellPhoneMan

    I wonder how much of that 7.3 million “other” category is Android Wear. It’s basically the age old comparison, you can’t compare Android Manufacturers to Apple because Apple combines software and hardware. You just have to account for the fragmentation of the hardware. Or only compare software numbers.

    • Louis Caputo

      I was thinking the same thing. This isn’t a valid comparison.

    • AbbyZFresh

      considering that there’s only over 1 million Android Wear downloads at the play store. I say it’s not a large portion of the 7.3 million “other watches”

      • vitriolix

        that bracket is 1 – 5 mil, we have no idea of thats 1.0001 million or 4.999 million

        • tiger

          So, you think that Android Wear makes up to 4.9 million in ONE quarter?

  • Cristi

    As I said before before, Wear is a failure, unfortunately. Android auto too. Also I see more and more Android being a 2nd class mobile OS, because all the iSheeps. In US, if you ask someone what are they holding in their hand, they say “an iPhone” not a smartphone or a phone. So iPhone=mobile (smart) phone. Very sad.

    • Duder12

      Its said that sony has claimed around 10 percent of tv sales. So thats big for android tv.

      When it comes to brand perception… Yes. Android is fucked

    • vitriolix

      “In US, if you ask someone what are they holding in their hand, they say “an iPhone” not a smartphone or a phone.”

      That may have been true a few years ago, but I never hear someone holding an Android phone say that. I hear “an Android” or “a Samsung” or “a Galaxy”

      • Cristi

        They are less and less with an android phone if you look at the sales in last year.

        • Airyl

          That’s because US sucks. (grabs popcorn)

    • Diego

      They are not isheep.
      its called brand awareness.

  • Armaan Modi

    “Just over $400?”WTF?is $400 less?

  • tiger

    Android Wear is a failure. There is no growth. Last year, Android Wear sold 750,000…and this is before Apple came in. Now there is more awareness…and Wear just grew to 1 million (based on Google Play download) for this whole year. That is almost zero growth.

    Apple, on the other hand, has seen its Watch sales increase with every quarter. And the next one will be huge! Estimates peg at 6-9 million during these holiday months! (Don’t forget Chinese New Year in February) Basically double what they sold this past quarter!

    And now you have Samsung Tizen in Gear S2…this will eat away at Android Wear…because among Android, there is a bunch of Samsung owners!

    • disqus_7XunpanFgK

      Estimates show Motorola, Huawei and LG sold 50 million Smartwatches. Samsung sold 10 million according to estimates.
      Meanwhile, Apple Watch has stalled on growth, return rate is over 20% and complaints about the toy watch continue to rise.

      See how easy it is to be an analyst and guestimator?

      • tiger


  • aaloo

    What. I don’t believe. You are telling me that Apple Watch is not a flop as everyone is hoping it to be ?

  • onstrike112

    I find it interesting that there’s no mention of the Pebble at all.