New wireless charging technology will charge your device 3x faster

by: Jimmy WestenbergDecember 8, 2014

nexus wireless charging orb side aa 600

Wireless charging has been growing in popularity over the past few years, both with consumers and OEMs alike. The technology is extremely convenient when it comes to setting your phone on a desk or a bedside table, but it really falls short when you need your device charged quickly. Today’s wireless charging technology only charges devices at a rate of 5 Watts, meaning your device takes a significant number of hours to fully charge. That will all be a thing of the past come early 2015, as Freescale, a chip manufacturer, aims to put out a quick-charging wireless charging unit.

The new wireless charging solution will be able to charge devices at 15 Watts, similar to what we see in Qualcomm’s quick charging technology. Freescale explains that their new chips could charge 4,000mAh phones and tablets in only a couple of hours. As for industry standards, the new technology will be both Qi and PMA compliant, thanks to support from the two major wireless charging standards, Wireless Power Consortium and the Power Matters Alliance.

Dennis Cabrol, Freescale’s Director of Global Marketing and Business Development, explains:

Today’s mobile products offer a broader range of features, functionality and form factors than ever before, requiring developers of wireless charging systems to accommodate larger batteries and enable faster recharge speeds. Freescale’s industry-first 15 W solution is engineered to address these evolving market requirements, while helping to streamline product development and unleash design creativity.

These new chips will be ready for device manufacturers in Q1 2015, so we could even see them in consumer devices midway through next year. Freescale wants to keep pushing the wireless charging wattage higher and higher, and hopes to lead the industry in charging technology.

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  • This sounds amazing. I wonder if they are able to keep the heat generation down. I already feel that Qi is too close to comfort when it comes to heat generation. If they amped that up to three times the speed, it makes me curious how much heat it generates.

    • B_I_T

      It can double as a coffee mug warmer/holder :P

      • Assuming that it wouldn’t get too hot to break the mug, I would actually love to see this lol

  • jacob martinez

    Glad to see we are finally taking a little step forward in charging technology.

  • Marc Perrusquia

    I can’t live without wireless charging anymore it’s just futuristic and the convienace never gets old.

    • Btort

      Came from wireless charging to fast charging…I like fast charging a little better

  • The-Sailor-Man

    I still don’t see the wireless charging as a big deal. (at least the way it is now)

    • mamamia88

      Having one next to the bed for my nexus 7 is sweet. Also looking at messy wires gets on my nerves.

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  • crutchcorn

    And yet we won’t see it for another few years. :P

  • wezi427

    Sounds great! Price?

  • That’s good news. I’m sure by the time I buy my next phone in 2017, the tech would have been improved very well.

    Awesome. Let’s keep charging wirelessly.

  • Or_Pick_A_Name

    soo…. Is it thw wireless charger or the phone thats going to get the upgrade? I have Nexus 5 and wireless charger, I don’t think i’ll be replacing my awesome phone anytime soon!

  • Amber

    I really like that idea,this is defiantly the future cause there’s no energy waste when using wireless charging technology like these. probably we’ll be seeing much more innovations in this field