Windows Live For Android?

by: Aerol BibatJuly 23, 2011
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Well, this is a bit of a surprise. The Windows Team have recently blogged that they’ve given developers access to tools so they can integrate Windows Live on several mobile platforms – one of them being Android.

For those not familiar with it, Windows Live is Microsoft’s own internet suite of tools. If you’ve got an old Hotmail account somewhere, then you’ll probably be able to use it, along with Messenger and SkyDrive. It’s looking to be a seamless integration with an easy-to-use interface. All you need to do is sign-up once and then you can have access to your Live account and have it accessed by third-party apps.

The big question here is why is Microsoft doing this? All of Live’s capabilities are easily duplicated by Google. A simple Gmail account put on your fingertips more tools than the really limited Live platform. A lot of people have stopped using it altogether. It would be understandable if it worked only on Windows Phone 7 devices but including Android and iOS is a bit of a head scratcher.

The only advantage for Microsoft here is to retain a lot of their basic users. Although it may seem a bit strange, a lot of people still use the basic Live platform – mostly because that’s what they are used to. They’re not exactly aiming to get more users for their devices but angling for a lot of old users to be comfortable – no matter what platform they maybe using.

Still, it would have been better to throw in a few improvements here and there.

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  • Baslingen

    Everyone i know still use the live messenger for private chat.Have been waiting ages for an official client for android ….

  • Asff

    hey, if a company wants to offer us software, I’m not complaining. At worst case, you don’t install. best case, encourages competition to keep prices low, features high.

    • IFigure

      These features don’t cost anything, which is why they never increase. Which is why the competition will almost always be based on the status quo of the competing services.

  • Dorset Swedos

    When will Google realise that their offerings for mail and instant chat are diabolically plain and poor compared to the Windows Live suite, particularly in conjunction with a Windows 7 PC. i use Live Mail and Hotmail plus Mesh, Skydrive and Photo Gallery. I’ve not found a similarly integrated suite of programs on Android. Even Google’s applications such as Docs, Gmail and Adwords are not seamlessly integrated like Windows Live.

  • Oldbuildingman

    The statement – “all of Live’s capabilities are easily duplicated by Google. A simple Gmail account put on your fingertips more tools than the really limited Live platform” – betrays a basic unfamiliarity with Windows Live. The integration of the suite alone is worth it, especially when one uses Outlook. Google has very limited applicability; fine for casual use but not for business. The 25GB storage on Skydrive (per account) is a great plus. I can upload entire project folders with documents, drawings, photographs, etc. and access all from my phone in 5 seconds.

    • IFigure

      Yea, but if you’re going to be editing via mobile, you have to manually sync all that shit back to your desktop HDD. It doesn’t happen seamlessly.

  • publisher

    I use windows Live for DRM. Unfortunately it is only limited to windows platform. Having this developed for android and iOS is great news to me as my staff who cannot open DRM protected documents encoded in windows can now do so with iOS and android

  • Laineyj2

    all I know is Android and Outlook (personal) don’t play nice together. I either have to get a third party app that might sync some items in a format that does not overlay with my Outlook Exchange for work. BTW, when Google pulls my Outlook personal to put on my phone, all the fields don’t come over well or at all. that leaves many updates not synch and it has lost it’s ability to discern and synch last updated. I have spent hours trying to get my HTC EVO 4 to not keep screwing up my Outlook personal. I have asked for help, gotten Companionlink, and waited. E