Why we love the iPhone 5!

by: Derek ScottApril 1, 2013


We here at Android Authority have just had an epiphany. We have finally realized that we do like the iPhone 5, why? you might ask.

Because it’s fun to break!

Happy April Fools’ Day

from your friends at Android Authority

  • hahah

  • jangeloracoma

    How about driving a steam roller over the iPhone?

  • RarestName

    Jokes aside, it’s not a bad phone actually :)

    • remik

      It’s not bad for seniors.

      • RarestName

        Nothing wrong with seniors either.


          Kudos for not doing the cliche thing and bashing the iPhone.

        • fixxmyhead

          seniors suck and they dont know how to drive.

      • IonyxIphone 5

        I love how you say seniors yet we know seniors need larger screens due to failing eye sight. Guess tha makes me feel younger that I can read small print on a small screen from 2 feet away.

        • Screen size doesn’t help people with bad eyes, font size does.

          • RarestName

            That’s not what people have been telling me.

          • IonyxIphone 5

            I 100% agree. Reader is like the best function for Internet reading I’ve ever used.

      • Mr.Flibbles

        And annoying teens/tweens!

    • Phil Nolan

      “jokes aside”

    • you´re right… it´s just a kickass slow phone ;)

  • insane..lol

  • April Fools’ ?

  • the best joke from android authority team
    Happy April Fools’ Day

  • The real torture test was putting up with the worst audio track ever.

  • Marco Barreto

    I was about “this” close of having a heart attack! Happy April Fools’ Day :)



  • Jeremy

    Nice “joke”. Just the simple fact you guys talk about the iPhone so much means you must at know its a huge success. It’s always a good rule not to talk smack about the competition, it just makes you and whatever you’re promoting look bad.

    • MasterMuffin

      Yes, everyone knows that iPhones gave been successful, but how is AA Apple’s competitor? And how have they been talking “smack” about iPhone, this was just a joke…

      • RarestName

        I think he was referring to Apple as a competitor to Android, not to Android Authority.

        • MasterMuffin

          Probably, but it didn’t have anything to do with this article (or something, what is this o.O).

    • Alvin Robinson

      Shut up android is way better

    • huge success because chargers sales has increasedsince your itoy battery last 4 hours,nice invention metal phone for using it under plastic case AMAZING INVENTION !! where is the nobel prize dial number?

    • mark

      I don’t think it means that – it’s just a response to the mainstream media going on about Apple all the time. Plus it doesn’t mean it’s anywhere near as successful as Android (since it isn’t), it’s just the closest comparison since the other smartphone platforms diminished. Historically there have been far more successful smartphones, companies and platforms, but I imagine they wanted to talk about something current today.

      “It’s always a good rule not to talk smack about the competition”

      If that’s the case, then all the Apple fans have failed on a massive scale, since all I hear from them (from the media to individuals) is them slagging off the competition, from Android, WP to Symbian; from Samsung to Nokia.

      So why aren’t you making that point to every Apple fan out there?

  • DrCarpy

    I almost had a stroke till I realized this was a joke, and a darn good one at that!

  • symbolset

    Nice idea. A little off the mark. Still funny though.

  • ds

    I’m no I sheep, but this made me cringe watching them destroy the phone

  • good job guys

  • MasterMuffin

    I knew it was April fools’ :P that song is…. different :D

  • Zak


    The real torture test was putting up with the worst audio track ever.

  • Jelly Bean

    Hmm. This video is a compliment to the iPhone 5. It suggests the iP5 is virtually indestructible.

    • Magneira

      except the moto x is really virtually indestructible ;)

  • Tomas Borovka

    This video made me want Iphone :)

  • George

    You guys need to upgrade your camera…

  • haha

  • Benjamin Vaccaro

    much easier way to break it, turn it on and try to use it, it will take care of breaking itself

  • This is my next ringtone. Darcy beats Bieber.

    • Tried to make the best of it! Was on a tear. Audio didn’t record properly, so just songified that bad boy up. You know you love it, sir Bogdan :)

  • Joe

    you guys are laughable…spending all your time hating on apple..lol

    • mark

      Seriously, have you checked what site you’re on? Heaven forbid an Android site joke about other platforms. Maybe I should whine that Apple sites aren’t praising Nokia. (Not sure if you’re a regular reader just confused, or an Apple troll outraged by the article.)

  • Jack

    the most stupid post i ever seen you guys at android authority got nothing to do

  • Pankaj Lotus


  • kghkf

    come on ,. why do u nto give me the iphone 5 :(

  • This is my great grandparents old tech lol time to rise ANDROID!!!

  • Kiran Kumar

    That phone really is a joke:-)

  • mateo124

    Well done nerds, you successfully cracked the screen after the 3rd attempt. Now if this were an Android phone, well, it’d be an ice cream sandwich after the 1st attempt.

  • Bijoy Das

    Well this leg pulling is really good. But one need to have real gut to appreciate his competitor. And again, don’t under estimate your competitor.

  • Phil Nolan

    It’s funny I didn’t have to purposely break my iphone the hardware kept failing all by itself, regardless of how many times I exchanged it.

  • Turkietom

    You just keep proving how iPhones are better.

  • Alec Padan

    Well ANDROID SUCKS apple rules

  • you came to the wrong neighborhood

  • WTF does after the hop mean?

  • Lol

    2:06 that is not iphone LoL

  • mr,greeen

    it,s bad audio track rally , and the hammer was ,,,,,,

  • Guy De Vos

    Piss on it

  • Θάνος Σούλης

    this is the best………………..before is iphone but now is hiphoneeeeeee.hahahahaha.android rules

  • Θάνος Σούλης

    ooooooo i mabe the best word is not hiphone(my mistake)but byephone

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