WhatsApp update introduces document sharing support

by: Kris CarlonMarch 2, 2016

WhatsApp documents teaser

The latest beta release of WhatsApp has added the first stage of document sharing. The WhatsApp update to v2.12.493 introduces a new documents icon to the paperclip attachments list, but for now the only type of document you can add is a PDF. To use the feature, both the sender and receiver must be on the same version of WhatsApp.

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As you may notice, by adding a new icon to the list, one had to be removed. Previously there was an option for Photo and Video whereas in the latest version there is just one for Camera. When you tap that you’ll see a small popup that asks if you want to take a photo or shoot video.

WhatsApp document sharing

If you want to try out the document sharing feature, just get a friend on the beta version (although, according to Android Police, document sharing is showing up for some in the latest Play Store version too, meaning it is a server-side change).

Then just tap the paperclip, hit Document and select from the list of PDFs on your phone. You’ll see a preview in the chat and the received file will be stored in a new Documents tab in the Media section in the chat’s overflow menu.

WhatsApp document list camera option

If you’re the file manager type, you’ll also have a new Documents folder in your WhatsApp Media folder and you can now check the Documents box in the Media Auto-Download settings in WhatsApp. While this latest update is restricted to PDFs for now, it shouldn’t be long before other documents types get supported as well.

Will you share documents in WhatsApp now? What other features are you waiting on?

  • Finally, i can share my study materials through my favorite app

  • Shame its only PDF’s

  • yungqb7

    Slowly catching up with the sharing capabilities of Telegram

    • Tarun PARASHAR

      haha dude, believe me. they are never gonna be so awesome as TG.

      • yungqb7

        Of course not. Telegram ftw

    • Telegram is much better

      • yungqb7

        I agree. Love using the app

  • Ayush

    It does show up for me on the play store version.

  • Captain Jack

    WhatsApp is way way behind other messaging apps and it’s just because they know most of the world is dependent on them. They know people are not gonna stop using whatsapp and thats why they include new features at their will ignoring the users demands.
    Its been more than 2 years now since inception of material design and everyone can see how the app looks compared to others.
    Even in game of features they are way behind.

    • Jason Wilson

      What must have features is it really missing? Soon as it adds video chat support I’d say it’s complete as far as the needs for 99% of people.

  • T.S

    I do not have the update? I have the s6 but my whatsapp updates later then other phones..

  • Jason Wilson

    Not opposed to the addition of document support…….just not a fan of the button placement. After a few years of the gallery button being there it’s gonna be awhile before I stop accidentally hitting this new document button.