whatsapp voice calls

After a lengthy invite-only test run (and rumors going back a year), WhatsApp is now finally making the new calling feature available to all users.

Activating voice calling in WhatsApp initially required a “hack” of sorts, as well as receiving a call from someone who already had the feature. Now it seems that the feature is openly available with the latest version of WhatsApp for Android, 2.12.19, without needing to get a call first.

Once you install or update WhatsApp to 2.12.19, you should see a Calls log tab in the top menu, while initiating a new call is as simply as tapping the “plus” button. From there, the call interface is straightforward. You can hang up, activate the speaker, mute, and switch to chat, and that’s pretty much it. Calls connect almost instantly and sound quality is crisp, without interruptions.

There’s a chance that this feature is activated server-side (so it may take a while until everyone gets it), but we received it on multiple devices, without having got a call first. Plus, tips and reports on Android forums suggest the feature is now rolling out far and wide, so it looks like the real deal.

Version 2.12.19 of WhatsApp can be downloaded from the Play Store or from WhatsApp’s website. If you opt for the latter, you will need to enable installing apps from unknown sources before installing it.

Let us know if WhatsApp calling is active for you.

Bogdan Petrovan
Bogdan is the European Managing Editor of Android Authority. He loves tech, travel, and fantasy. He wishes he had more time for two of those things. Bogdan's phone is a Nexus 6P.
  • Nitin

    Yup, its started today morning on mine. GREAT

    • umair

      after calling facility activating the voice we i cannot hear of my friend who already have the calling facility,,whats the issue…?

  • luminelx64

    when will it support Lumia?

  • syazairsyad shaari

    mine after installing the new apk from whatsapp website whatsapp calling now enable.. yeayyy.. thx.. =)

    • Kat Heath

      how do you install an apk on a mobile phone {i use wifi}

      • syazairsyad shaari

        download directly from whatsapp website choose under android section it will automatically downloaded into your phone.. just install then voila!

  • asante yaw

    Mine is working, didnt do any update….

  • Foramex

    Aaaand carrier wif-i calling is OBSOLETE. So much for the buzz.

    • daffydkjones

      Countdown before carriers start blocking Whatsapp calling…

      • mad876

        blocking it over their network doesn’t block it from wi-fi so they can certainly go ahead

        • daffydkjones

          But it’s most useful over mobile networks. You know, so you can use your mobile phone when you are mobile, rather than just when you are in the house. If people try to call you on WA they will get frustrated if they can only reach you when you are connected to wifi

  • shubham

    Text me on whatsapp.. if u wanna start ur whatsapp free calling +919762672755

    • daffydkjones

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  • Mozzy

    Is anyone else having a echoing prob?

    • I’m having such. I’ve not tested over cellular but I was on wi-fi and kept hearing echoes.

    • mad876

      Had that issue pre launch…

    • Radu

      Yes we get echo but the calling strength is good

  • Erica Wilson

    the mic icon is on mute and i can’t unmute it – any ideas?

  • McLaren F1P1

    Hope calling feature is available to Symbian Belle as well! Nimbuzz is currently the best VoIP for free calling with Symbian phones!

  • Lordlukman Khan

    Excellent call quality now everyone can enjoy free overseas calls.

  • aizad

    not yet available to windows phone users :/

  • biland

    I was in switzerland and i did receive calls but i couldnt make them. Then i traveled to Mexico and without any update i suddenly got the call boton and i could make calls too

  • Saicharan Reddy

    Yes whatsaap took a better step inorder to compete with viber now JIO chat came into picture lets see how whatsaap will respond to this

    more about whatsapp calling feature http://www.techdelete.com/whatsapp-calling-feature/

  • velocity 90

    can anyone tell me how to unmute the mic when making calls? I can hear the other party, but they can’t here me and the mic symbol wont change when taped