Waze now alerts drivers to dangerous city intersections

by: Robert TriggsMarch 24, 2016

Busy Intersection NY City Shutterstock

Waze is already pretty handy for keeping you out of traffic hotspots and jams, and a recent update to the service now wants to help to keep you out of danger as well. Waze now offers up driver alerts about hazardous intersections in five major US cities.

Waze intersection promptThe alerts are just simple pop-ups to remind drivers to take extra care at an upcoming junction that’s on their planned route. Boston, Los Angeles, New York City, San Francisco, and Washington D.C. are the first five cities to make use of the new alerts, although I imagine that Waze will be rolling this feature out further afield after collecting some feedback.

The alerts are based on Waze’s own traffic data collection and information provided by various city transportation departments. The information looks at vehicle collision rates, bike, and pedestrian incidents, as well as information about recorded injuries. This data is then used to determine which intersections to alert users about, so it should be able to adapt and update over time.

Of course, the app isn’t prompting every driver out there and is certainly no substitute for personal vigilance while on the road. But it’s great to see that Waze’s data is being used to help make busy cities a slightly safer place to drive in, and hopefully it will keep a few people out of accidents.

Waze version 4 UIThe latest: Waze 4.0 updated with revamped user interface8
  • yankeesusa

    Waze keeps getting better and better. I use google maps to navigate and search, but i always run waze in the background on long trips and it alerts me to hazards,police and other things and it has been great.

    • Tom Z

      This is so funny you say this. I just started doing this last week. I don’t know why I didn’t think to do it earlier.

      Google Maps is so much better for traffic and navigating.
      Waze is nice to be alerted to dangers.

      • helosix

        Google maps gets it’s traffic data from Waze. Waze is also better at finding places in general, GMaps often sends you to the wrong side of a place. I’ve loved GMaps for years, but now I prefer Waze, especially with the new look.

        • Tom Z

          Not entirely true. Both Google Maps and Waze get traffic information from various sources.

          If Google Maps is sending you to the wrong location, it’s the map data. That can be fixed.

          I use Google Maps for traffic because you can see your entire routes traffic and make a decision to use an alternate route along the way. I haven’t figured out easily how to have waze show the entire route on the screen. Yes, the waze screen is better, but still looks to cartoon like.

          • helosix

            You’re right, in that there are multiple sources for “incidents” along the route. It’s different depending on where you are. As for the map data, agreed as well. Waze is still far more accurate (in my experience) than Google Maps. I’m an advanced Waze editor, so I guess I’m a bit biased. :)
            It is possible in Waze to see traffic delays on your current route or before selecting a route.

          • helosix

            Also, you can turn off the displayed items that you would rather not see to reduce what some people consider to be “distracting clutter”.

  • goldemi

    So in Manhattan I’ll basically get a warning every. single. block.