Want the Galaxy Note 5 in Europe? Sign this petition!

by: Nirave GondhiaAugust 14, 2015

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Ah Samsung! Yesterday’s launch of the Galaxy S6 Edge+ in London saw the Korean manufacturer announce a new phone and then field the same question from everyone in attendance: what about the Galaxy Note 5?

As we revealed yesterday, Samsung say the Galaxy Note 5 isn’t planned for launch in Europe and while we wait to hear back from Samsung about its decision, you can get involved now. The folks over at Clove Technology aren’t too happy with Samsung’s decision and have decided to do something about it.

Want the Galaxy Note 5 to come to Europe in all its glory? Head over to their blog post and sign the petition. Whether this will make a difference or not remains to be seen but if there’s enough signatures, maybe Samsung will bring its latest Note handset to the UK and Europe.

For more on the Galaxy Note 5, check out our hands on and all our coverage here. What do you think of Samsung’s decision? Are you based in Europe and want the Note 5 to launch over here? Let us know your views in the comments below guys!

  • Wooow! Petition for phone to come to Europe? As if when it comes to Europe, Samsung would give the handsets out for free!

  • minhnodda

    Since when do customers have to beg Samsung in order to release a phone which isnt top of the line? Sammy might introduce a invite system like oneplus does for Note 5. Or Sammy doesnt like money at all.

  • Freddy Born

    keep your stupid phone.

  • TheGreatDroid

    Seriously? People are so desperate for these phones that they are signing petitions and literally begging Samsung so that they can purchase their overpriced crap??!!! Damn…

    • GOAT78

      I think this is just a click-bait article. If anyone in Europe knows anything about the Note line, they’ll know that the Note 5 is a huge disappointment. They can get something just as good for half the price.

      • velu

        Phablets are not a big thing in european markets.

        • GOAT78

          So why is Samsung releasing the S6 Edge+ there then? Thats a phablet. Makes no sense if your statement is true. They’re pushing the S6 Edge+ like a dope dealer because it’s the more expensive device.

          • velu

            Marketting gimmick.
            My view is that , samsung knows that note was not doing well in europe and why not just give something else ( Note 4 official sales is not released is a clear proof that note failed not only in europe but a universal flop )

            And edge hype won’t work . If people are falling for S6 edge , then sammy might not have dropped the price ;-)

  • vampyren

    Gee that was a silly childish move from Samsung! Its like they want their phone to fail!
    I dont want a big S6, i wanted the note mostly for the pen and the nice screen. I dont like the S6 edge. Edge is nice but i dont find it practical myself.
    I still hope they come to their senses before its to late and they become an afterthought with this really stupid move.

  • Beci

    I will keep my note 4. Now i love it even more, becouse is nothing to replace it.

    • Toss3

      Note 4 is the last of the great Notes.

  • Xtremexx

    Lol, im not gonna sign a petition for a company to have my money. Samsung can stick to their decision, though i feel like they’ll regret it.

    • Toss3

      Exactly! Why demand something of a company that should aim to please us, the consumers? Let them fail on their own.

    • nathan jones

      thsi petition is for people who wan’t the device, not to take your money , wtf…

      • Xtremexx

        lol i want the device. im not gonna beg samsung to change their mind though, they can see whether this is a mistake on their own, and hopefully never made it again. And do you seriously think a petition is actually going to change anything.

  • Sinan Cagrı Kurt

    It is gonna be available in some European countries in the 28 of this month. At least in Turkey and a couple more eastern Europran countries

  • Pez Smith

    Let’s boycott the Note 5 in Europe!!!
    Is there a petition for that? I’m happy to sign one.

  • Johan

    Hah! No, thank you…

    This generation of Samsung phones are nothing but extremely expensive toys.
    So, congratulations Samsung, you have finally achieved what you have been trying for years. That is reaching the same level of uselessness as the iPhone.
    Too bad that Samsung will not convince any iPhone owners to try them instead, since they do not seem to understand that iPhone owner follow the Apple brand, like sheep, no matter what Apple does.

    Also, please Android Authority… I know you need to write about new Android phones, especially if it is from an OEM like Samsung. But writing your articles like you are actually excited about something that so clearly is not existing, is just embarrassing… It is painfully obvious that you are doing it to generate views and it certainly makes me question your judgement.
    If you feel that you need to write a hundred articles about these phones, then at least have the integrity to tell us that crap is crap and sacrifice a few views to save what is essential in any journalistic business: Your reputation.

  • Godbody

    Want it in Europe? I don’t think people want it in the U.S. let alone Europe

    • velu

      No one wants it, not even blind samsung fanboys.
      Because they lost both removable battery and sd card

      • nathan jones

        literally only 1% of nerds care about those 2 hardy used anymore features, UFS 2.0 is a much beter trade off than slow SD cards, the only thing that’s missing is the IR blaster.

        • Dickless

          No. Many people want SD Card and have more than one battery. Without SD Card this device is a toy. For example I use card to storage photos, applications, notes and work files, and when the phone runs down i just switch the SD-card to another device and can continue my work with little delay. When Note 5 will run out of power or spoil, what would You do ? The accessibility to battery and SD-card is the most important thing in remote devices. Except when You are a baby and uses this device to dig holes in a sand. Then You may use i-shit or something like new samsung design or other locked junk.

    • Gustav Herbert

      lol, in europe is the note 4 a really popular smartphone :)

  • Wjdzm

    always a pleasure to read butthurt comments :)

    • Hans Pedersen

      Yeah, It’s at least a sign that Apple feels really threatened by these phones. Looks like they’ve forced all of their employees to troll full time on the internet this week. :D

      • velu

        lol.. Probably Samsung didn’t release note 5 because it knoWs more than others note SerIes is a flop in europe

        • Hans Pedersen

          …or it could be they’ve learned the lessons of the S6 release, where most people wanted the Edge version here. You know, with the higher purchasing power compared to other global markets.

          • velu

            S6 edge demand is a just a marketing hype and nothing else.
            Samsungs reasoning ( one of the ) for poor S6 sales cozis because of unexpected demand for S6 edge is as hollow as it can get.
            And the price drop of both S6 and s6 edge proves this ( If S6 edge is in high demand , obviously smausng might not have reduced the price ;-) ).

          • Hans Pedersen

            The saddest thing about trolls like you is, you always seem to think that if you keep lying to yourself long enough, it comes true… =)

          • velu

            either i am troll or lying to myself but not both .. this statement is the one you wanted to make ;-)

            and stupid thing about samsung fanboys is that they keep believing what samsung tells them ;-)
            one should be extremely stupid enough to buy samsung’s claims ( esp the lolworthy reason that s6 edge was responsible for poor s6 sales )

          • Hans Pedersen

            People buys Samsung because they’re the ones building the most advanced phones money can get them. Be it UFS storage, 14nm processors, 3D stacked RAM, SAMOLED displays, ISOCELL cameras. You know, the things no one else is capable of producing. There is literally nothing stupid about that. The stupid thing about trolls like you, yes the ones who keeps lying to themselves about what a good phone is supposed to be because his boss will fire him if he doesn’t, is, you do it. Sad and pathetic.

          • velu

            Advanced hardware not necessarily mean the better ones , and samsung dominated still dominates android market because of its specs.
            Like they had 3GB of RAM in S6 , but they made a laughable mistake with RAM management.

            And you scored a own goal here. Samsung is so much as a production house , it was unable to supply the displays for the S6 edge .. now think about their reasoning , and if you get a smile , then probably you got their bluff ;-)

            Manufacturing/production is more of an iterative knowledge rather than real innovation.
            Other than amoled displays you mentioned, samsung don’t have any advantage in other things other than supplying it for cheaper price.
            SK Hynix supplies the the memory and other stuffs just like samsung and no one cares.
            Even in display LG and Japan Display dominates LCD market over samsung.

            And FYKI , samsung uses sony camera in S6 and note 5 proves that ISOCELL is inferior ;-)
            And in b4 samsung , IBM who don’t bother abt semiconductor fabs got a 7nm technology :P

          • Hans Pedersen

            Samsung USED Sony cameras but they’ve been phasing them out on their high-end models since the S6 launch. The rest of your rambling is just too sad to read. Oh, and now the backlog of S6 Edge’s is suddenly an argument you use? How stupid do you have to be to troll like you? IS there an IQ test at your fruity toy company only permitting the dumbest onboard? :D

          • velu

            lol.. Samsung is mostly using sony cameras only on their higher end and mix it up with a its own lower quality ISOCEL

            check the below link
            samsung mostly caters to lower end to mid end .. sony mid to higher end


            if you are stupid enough to believe that S6 poor sales is because of unexpected S6 edge demand and samsungs inability to supply then i can’t help you till you start developing more cells in your upper compartment

          • Hans Pedersen

            Consistency! Please! It’s not complicated. Poor sales. Unable to keep up with the demand, Poor sales. Can you make your mind up soon? :D

          • velu

            Poor sales.- Truth and accepted by samsung and documented by their quarterly results
            Unable to keep up the demand – samsungs blatant lie which still some fanboys like you do beleive

            Cant explain more simpler than this ;-)

    • Daggett Beaver

      Amusing, ain’t it?

  • GOAT78

    You know what Europe. Let Samsung keep their S6-Stylus Edition aka the Galaxy Note 5. If you own a Note 3 or 4, keep it. Yeah it’s shinier (if that’s a word), a bit faster and offers a few small improvements. It’s not a game changer. It will not save Samsung’s sinking profits. Since they’re treating you like the red headed step child, don’t save their bottom line by buying this thing elsewhere for $800+. Even if they release it later this year or next year in Europe, don’t buy it. Just wait for the next version. And that will only come if Samsung still has a smartphone division.

  • Daggett Beaver

    So… how many signatures (by Europeans) have they gotten so far? If it doesn’t get into the tens of thousands, there’s your answer as to why they’re not selling the Note 5 in Europe.

  • The-Sailor-Man

    Well, I don’t want it.
    I’m a real Note user . And I don’t think that out there on the market is something that can replace Note.(like all the iMedia and iBloggers suggest) Hell noooooop!
    Samsung ignore us , the real Note users, and go to hunt apple’s fans instead. Well, nothing wrong with that Samsung to try.
    But why ignore us???
    Samsung can make 100 model per year, but HOW they can not make version with leather back WITH SD SUPPORT and SWAPPABLE BATTERY on the same Note 5 or GS6Edge???? How come?
    Make petition for that and we will sign it AT ONCE.
    Until then we will keep the old Note models as long as we can. Or until some other OEM make real Note replacement.

  • s2weden2000

    it’s coming 2o16…

  • These 2 phones are dependent on Samsung Pay launch. First, CANADA. Then US. Then, EUROPE.
    Now, I’m thinking – these phones are not for the typical Note fans.
    The pattern of releases is following the timings of ‘Samsung Pay’ launch schedules.
    Note5 is for ‘Samsung Pay’ and nothing more. Does look like ‘NOT’ an upgrade of Note4.

    Note4 is still the powerpacked king in this situation.

  • Gibbs

    nope, i don’t want it (im not in eruope anyway)
    don’t sign this! who cares about this stupid cheap(but expensive in price) phone!

    • nathan jones

      could you just do it for the people that do wan’t it, it’s not like it will affcet you either way now…

      • Gibbs

        You’re right :P I’ll do it now!

  • Gibbs

    make a petition about acting stupid and gimmicks :S

  • Marc Perrusquia

    Samsung listening to their Note fan base?!?!? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

  • basejumpbr

    Make a petition to request a Galaxy Note 5 is not the way. .Samsung try push users to S6 Edge Plus. .This petition just make Samsung overpricing the device more and more. .Stop it. Just don t buy the S6 Edge

  • R Tay

    Sign a petition my a***! It’s an overpriced piece of bling and a step back from the Note 4. Shove it Samsung!

  • Bijdehans

    I don’t desire the Note 5 but Samsung’s decision infuriates me. I hope they lose a lot of European fans, they sure lost me…

  • I’m eggsellent

    Haha its like begging for some one to shart in your face for money. ..I guess if your into that begging for crap. ..I own all note devs I’ve been lollipooped an turned back from that. ..I can’t say note 5 is great. ..but I can’t see it being a (noteworthy) device

  • Paul M

    I stopped buying Samsung phones when they did the region locking thing. The note 2 was my last.
    Now they’ve stopped the SDHC card slot, removable battery and IR blaster, I’m definitely not coming back, so I don’t care if the N5 never comes to the UK, and I know a few other Note owners who aren’t going to upgrade.

  • customer